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For questions regarding storage drives that connect using a USB port.
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Samsung Memorie Duo Plus slow write speeds on Ubuntu 20.04
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Samsung Memorie Duo Plus has write speeds of up to 1.5 MB/s on Ubuntu 20.04 whereas on Windows 10 they easily go above 10 MB/s. It is a USB type C flash drive. My laptop specs:

Intel® Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz × 12 TU117M [GeForce GTX 1650 Mobile / Max-Q] 16 GB RAM 512 GB SSD Windows 10 as dual boot

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Why won't Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS copy con.c to external USB drive?
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I upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on my desktop on 11-12-2021.
I compiled con.c on the new gcc version 9.3.0-17 compiler and it gave me warnings on
using sprintf(). I converted all the sprintf()'s warnings to snprintf()'s and got a clean compile.
I copied the folder that contained con.c and 8 other .c files and their .o files to an external
USB drive. It copied all but the con ...

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Forget USB stick password
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I accidentally set the option for Ubuntu to always remember the password for a USB stick. I want to be asked for the password each time I use this usb stick instead. How can I make my system "forget" it?

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Lubuntu usb image mode or dd mode
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have one question,create lubuntu bootable usb in rufus in gpt scheme which option best to chose iso image mode(recommended)or image mode dd?Thanks…

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pendrive detected but not shown on ubuntu 20.04
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When I plug my Pendrive I hear the sound of it getting detected.

output of dmesg

[21145.916189] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 11 using xhci_hcd
[21146.522765] usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor=058f, idProduct=1234, bcdDevice= 0.01
[21146.522779] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
[21146.522784] usb 1-1: Product: Mass Storage Device
[21146.522789] us ...
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Stuck on mounting ext4 but luks is unlocked on usb drive
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I have a drive that I cannot access anymore. I have it on LUKS and at first it worked properly, but now it's just stuck on mounting the EXT4 part of the drive.

I tried using gparted and mkusb but both just hangs and gets stuck too.

Unmounting does not work too, it just hangs until I manually unplug the drive.

This is what I currently see on Disks.

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USB stick extra folders appearing, what is this?
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So on my USB stick I had a problem to where I could not write to it. I could copy files from it, however I could not change anything on it. This is not my main question but part of the issue I was having. A post I read about this earlier allowed the person to write to the drive with root permissions. However, I could not even do that. In order to fix this I had to copy all the files off the USB dri ...

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Can I utilize multiple swap files in linux on different devices for enhanced throughput?
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I would like to use two swap files, if possible: one on the SSD and one on an USB pendrive. I hope this way I can get an enhanced, two combined channel throughput.

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Cannot read SSD inserted into USB enclosure
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I inserted an old internal SSD (which should have been in good health / not corrupted) into a USB enclosure, but I can't get any data from it.


My old Kubuntu laptop with an encrypted (LUKS) SSD (Samsung MZ-VLV5120 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe 2280) stopped working. I took it into a shop, and they figured that some power-related component was destroyed. They replaced it, and the laptop cam ...

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Ubuntu only sees the first partition on an external (USB) disk drive
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I connected an external (1TB) hard disk drive to my computer. It is automatically mounted on /media/$USER/Seagate Backup Plus Drive. However this drive has two partitions: an NTFS partition, and an EXT3 partition. Strangely, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS only mounted the NTFS partition on /dev/sdc1, but it did mount the second Linux partition on /dev/sdc2. I tried to mount /dev/sdc2 by explicitly using the

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ubuntu detected usb but not showing it
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my usb detected by pc but pc doesn't show it.
other usb work well but this one no. this usb works but I do not know what I did wrong that the pc did not show it anymore.(I was trying to bootable it to install Windows)
the result of lsblk for usb is (7.2G):
enter image description here
I think this link also had a problem with me, but I can't edit mount option.
i tried to format usb but it doesn't allow:
enter image description here

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USB Flash drive no permissions and doesn't mount automatically
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Every USB Flash drive i use does not give me permissions to save anything to the USB flash drive. I have to format the USB Flash drive everytime I want to save to it. I do not know why the permissions of the USB flash drive change to root permissions after I use it.

For every USB Flash drive I use with Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, I can not save anything to the flash drive because it says that I do not ha ...

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USB Body cam file access? CammPro i826 / GoPro 9FF2 [Digital Photo Display]
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i plugged the device in my Ubuntu 20.04 system and it was found but I could not open it in the "files" application (used to be called nautilus)

strangely this is the first device that I could plug into a windows system and it just works but on my Linux system it does not... (typically i have the opposite experience )

So the device is a "CammPro I826"

When I run lsusb it is listed as "GoPro 9FF2 [Digital  ...

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Ubuntu live USB boots to wallpaper without UI elements
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I tried several USB Flash drives and ubuntu-18.04.5-desktop-amd64.iso, ubuntu-mate- and ubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso with the same result - boot is very slow and live session ends with a full screen wallpaper with no UI components. Mouse right-click opens a popup menu, so I can get to the terminal or Nautilus.

I have i5-9600K CPU, 1TB SSD PC with Ubuntu 18.04.5, which  ...

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Can I use a bootable pen drive to store data other than Linux OS?
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Can I use a bootable pen drive to store data other than Linux OS? I have this pen drive

Sandisk Cruzer Blade

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Very high nonstop write activity in new USB disk
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I've installed a PCIe card to get USB 3 support, and have connected a 16TB SATA disk, which I've formatted in XFS. Initially I had very good read/write performance, but after a couple hours the performance has slowed down tremendously. Looking at atop I see that the disk is 100% busy with nonstop writes and has a latency of 6ms.

Running iotop, the only thing writing to this disk seems to be a kwo ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 doesn't see external USB drive, but powers it
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I have some external USB drives that 1 ubuntu install can see, mount, write to, etc. and 1 ubuntu install cannot.

The one that cannot does not show the drive with lsusb, nor in any /dev/sd* entry. Of course it doesn't auto-mount.

Neither disks nor gparted can see it either. The only indication that it's even there is when I plug it into any USB port on the machine, the LED lights up. Note that  ...

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How do I copy my Windows 7 derived files off my USB to Ubuntu?
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This seems to be a newbie question but I can't seem to find any specific answers. I am (finally) getting rid of my Windows 7 machine but need to copy all the data files off it to my Ubuntu. I transferred all the files onto a 2TB USB external HD. However, only some of the files are copying, I think because the permissions are not correctly set on those files. The files are tif, jpg, and pdf and I can ope ...

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Reading or writing data to partition freeze when accessing large files or a lot of files at once
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We have a Ubuntu server with several HDD partitions that are then served to Windows machines using Samba. We just added a new drive and we have a big problem with it.

On day 1, I was able to write ~2TB of data without any problem. Now, when requesting files, the transfer starts normally then freeze, seemingly at random, after ~5sec. Stopping the transfer and restarting it makes it able to star ...

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Accidentally unmount my pendrive
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I am new to the linux theme, practically I have not been using debian in the beginning but my computer was slow because it is old so I switched to lubuntu, what I liked but now I wanted to go to another more recent version Due to updates, my version is 18 and I wanted to go to 21, well the issue is that I accidentally was in the file manager and I right-clicked and touched unmount or another option  ...

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64 gb datatraveler usb stick, shows 62 gb on 2 partitions different partitions
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I'm not as knowledgeable as I'd like to be, and on top of that i now switched to ubunutu to get some wanky formatting results. Anyway, i have a 64 gb usb stick, that i did a fat32 format on first, to move some files from windows to ubuntu. After that i formatted it again, this time though i added a password on it (thought it a cool idea:), and i checked the box to erase previous format. Once the formatt ...

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Unable to install ubuntu black screen appears
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Actually I have assembled my first pc ,I'm just trying my hand at computers. I created the usb bootable drive while installing a black screen with a underscore blinking appears

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/media/username is empty but used to work
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Something changed recently in my ubuntu 20.04 desktop regarding how it mounts removeable media (like USB storage drives).

Previously such devices would appear under location /media/$USER/....

But now that directory is empty when usb storage devices are attached.

The devices still appear in the launcher and operate OK from the GUI for nonroot users.

But I need to be able to reference them from command-l ...

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How do I boot up Ubuntu from USB boot drive on Windows 8?
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I am using an old Dell laptop with Windows 8.1, and I have a USB boot drive with Ubuntu ready to go. I tried to change my BIOS boot settings to use the USB, but I cannot seem to get it to work. For some reason the BIOS is trying to use a specific file from the USB, and won't use the entire drive. It is an empty drive aside from the Ubuntu ISO files. How do I add the USB as a boot option?

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Reinstall Ubuntu option not available
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Recently my Ubuntu software isn't working great so I tried to reinstall Ubuntu and I put the Ubuntu iso on USB and went to download it, but the reinstall Ubuntu option isn't available to choose. What is causing the problem, and how to fix it?

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Pendrive Not working
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Recently i faced some problems when i was formatting my pendrive, my pc got shutdown by sudden power cut. After that i can't get my pendrive to format using disks. Photo is attached.i only get power off button i the menu. All other formatting button is not working .in terminal, pendrive doesn't show up at all. By "$ df -h", i get all the drive without the pendrive. Pls help me with what to do I only get ...

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Kubuntu 20.04 -- USB microSD reader won't mount
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I have a microSD (8 GB) that I use for transferring gcode files from my computer to my Ender 3 3D printer. Yesterday, I found I couldn't mount this device (via an unpowered USB hub).

The SD card still reads when directly mounted in the micro-SD socket on the Ender 3, and the card and mini-reader combination mounted and read on my partners Mac (a 2015 iMac with current OS), so I presume this isn' ...

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How do I get my USB HD to be detected after SW update?
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This is Ubuntu 21.04 on a System76 Ratel Pro. Today, I took a software update that involved kernel modules (and required adm password). When I tried to restart as instructed, the restart hung until I unplugged my USB backup drive, at which point the system came up immediately. Now when I plug the drive into (any) USB socket, it is not detected (does not show up on the desktop nor in /media/david). When  ...

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USB harddisk gets two different mount points - why?
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Running Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS on arm architecture (Odroid-N2+)

I have connected a USB harddisk (/dev/sda) to my computer with a 4TB ext4 partition (/dev/sa1) and have edited /etc/fstab to have /dev/sda1 mounted at startup to let's say /media/user/placeA. This works, but /dev/sda1 is also mounted to /media/usb0 (there is nothing for this in /etc/fstab) which I don't need and don't want.

There is a second USB  ...

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Can't mount ext4 partition via SATA to USB cable
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I'm stuck mounting an SSD, which is pre-formatted as ext4, via SATA to USB cable. However it gives the error:

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc,
   missing codepage or helper program, or other error
   In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
   dmesg | tail  or so

This problem does not happen when plugging the SSD directly to the drive bay of the laptop. The probl ...