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Wipe-clean Ubuntu installation
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I recently bought a Thinkpad carbon X1 gen9 with Ubuntu preinstalled. The preinstalled Ubuntu have some problems (see this forum) and I was thinking of trying Debian.

As soon as I try to boot from the USB stick that has an image of Debian I am "thrown" into grub and I am unable to do anything else (I guess lack of knowledge).

Now, I thought that I try another distro, and tried to boot up Kubuntu. The ...

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No verification for DSA key ID 46181433FBB75451
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Hello Ubuntu comunity!

Greetings from Czech republic, Europe. Sorry for my very simple english, as I'm not good in it and I even do mix it with german and czech. Also sorry for local language from Terminal outputs. If some one please could help me out, I would be really very glad.

To the issue: I try to make a Lubuntu 18.04 installation USB stick for i686 notebook. But I do not get a OK for ISO file ...

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Unattended install for Lubuntu
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I'll revisit the question here - Lubuntu 18.04: Unattended install - asked a few years ago but never answered. Is is possible to have an unattended install of Lubuntu? Cloud-init is only for Ubuntu server, but should something like kickstart or preseeding work with Lubuntu? Thank you.

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For Kickstart installation of 20.04 is "CD-ROM" equivalent to USB?
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I am running system-config-kickstart, and it's asking me to choose the installation medium among: CD-ROM, FTP, HTTP, or Hard Drive.

If using a USB drive, should I choose CD-ROM?

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USB install 20.04 location of recovery id?
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I hope everyone and their loved ones are healthy and happy.

When doing an Ubuntu 20.04 USB install with LUKS encryption and LVM, as the install onto the hard drive completes, a message appears that lists the location of the recovery ID. It states your recovery id is located in /home/ubuntu/release

So here's the question: Because of how and when it appears, it's unclear if that message refers to to t ...

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Dont understand how to install ubuntu alongside windows 10...PLS HELP!
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I have windows preinstalled in my system and i made 110 gb of free unallocated space in my system.I want to dual boot it with ubuntu.But the thing that most confuses me is there are two options while installing 1.Ubuntu will take care of installing and will install alongside windows boot manager. 2.Manually installing If i go for the first option,will ubuntu install itself automatically in the unalloca ...

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Can't find my disk partitions. Ubuntu Installer
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I am trying to dual boot windows alongside with Ubuntu. But while installing I couldn't find my disk partitions and the available free space in the disk.

Partition table image

gdisk -l /dev/nvme0n1 Output

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UBUNTU 20.04.2 : Unable to run the scripts post installation as a late command
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I have been trying to run the script ( using late-commands. I have tried various methods to make it run but unable to run the script. It fails with the exit status 1.

My late-commands section:

  - curtin in-target --target=/target -- touch /media/userkun.txt
  - curtin in-target --target=/target -- echo "$(whoami)" >> /media/userkun.txt
  - curtin in-target --t ...
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Unable to install Ubuntu (20.04.02 or 21.04) on brand new HP Pavilion TP01 Desktop
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I have this machine since a little more than a week and am working on it to install Ubuntu. Any recent version of Ubuntu will do (tried 20.04 and 21.04), single or dual boot doesn't matter much.

I boot it up with a USB "Startup Disk", ensure that the machine boots from that drive and get into grub. The first strange thing is that there's no "try Ubuntu" option... But when I select "install Ubuntu ...

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I have installed ubuntu and windows 10 (Dual Boot) How do I delete windows 10 because I only want to keep Ubuntu
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Im dual booting ubuntu and windows 10 but now I just want ubuntu, how can i delete/remove windows and just use Ubuntu.

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Screen froze while installing ubuntu
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Im installing ubuntu using a flash drive and the process of installing it is correct but in the install thing with the text "running "grub-install/dev/sda"... and Skip button on the right, My laptop screen freeze and i cant move my mouse and cant do anything. Wha should I do. Im still waiting for it to recover from freezing, the screen freezed almost one hour. Please help

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"ubi-partman failed exit code 141" error while installing Kubuntu 21.04
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I'm trying to switch from Windows 10 to Kubuntu 21.04 but, I keep getting this error:

ubi-partman failed exit code 141

After getting done filling out the Software options in the Kubuntu 21.04 installer, my mouse shows that something is being loaded. Then my fans kick in, and the error ubi-partman failed exit code 141 gets thrown. I've tried installing about 5 times, and this happens every time.

If thi ...

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Installing ubuntu on a parition with usb installation
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i have a main windows drive which is full and a 2tb drive which i use for my high storage apps/games, I partitiond 600gb of my 2tb drive which i chose as the location to install ubuntu, on ubuntu installation what device do i use for my boot loader installation.

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Ubuntu 21.04 Goes Through Install, Then Exits With Error
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Trying to do a fresh install of Ubuntu from a USB drive booted with EFI (it did not give the option to boot otherwise) to a new SSD and it goes most of the way through the process, then fails with:

install apt-cdrom add -m -d=/media/cdrom failed to finish in 10 seconds

It goes on to say that there was no output from the command. Prior to that, it creates the partitions, unpacks the image, configu ...

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Ubuntu server 20.04.2 installation constantly fails
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So I'm trying to install Ubuntu server 20.04.2 on an old Optiplex 3010, and the installation fails as soon as I get past the disk formatting page (Only installing on a partition).enter image description hereenter image description here

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How do I boot up Ubuntu from USB boot drive on Windows 8?
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I am using an old Dell laptop with Windows 8.1, and I have a USB boot drive with Ubuntu ready to go. I tried to change my BIOS boot settings to use the USB, but I cannot seem to get it to work. For some reason the BIOS is trying to use a specific file from the USB, and won't use the entire drive. It is an empty drive aside from the Ubuntu ISO files. How do I add the USB as a boot option?

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Help installing Ubuntu on external ssd without dual boot
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I want to install Ubuntu on an external ssd that is plugged in through usb. I read about a bug that installs the boot on the windows 10 drive and I dont want that. I want to boot into Ubuntu when the external ssd is connected and into Windows when its disconnected. I read about some ways to work around this, but I am not sure which way that will be best.

Thanks, Jimmy

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Getting a purple screen with black box while booting from usb
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I know this is a common question, but I was unable to find this specific type. This what I see when I boot from a USB (the rest is just a purple screen): black box

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Ubuntu initramfs decoding failed. Someone help. While dual booting btw
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enter image description here

I rlly need some help. I tried going through so many solutions. Bitlocker is off. AHCI mode. I already had ubuntu installed but I wiped its partition to install windows 10. Now I want to switch back but this error shows up. My laptop is a dell inspiron 3542 btw. Specs are intel i3_4005u@1.7ghz,intel hd4400 igpu, 500gb hdd, 4gb ram.

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Installing Ubuntu in empty HDD with Windows 10 installed in SSD
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[Not Duplicate] I couldn't find a thread directly addressing this issue, and I didn't want to take chances with my Windows installation and files.

I have a SSD running Windows 10 and an empty (formatted) HDD. I wish to install Ubuntu in the HDD ['Area 51(V:)'] without affecting the SSD (C:) files.

My PC's Disk Information

The step I'm confused at while installing Ubuntu is the 'Installation Type':

  1. 'Install Ubuntu Alongsid ...