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How to merge multiple video files with different codecs? MP4/H.265
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I have a very very very ugly script to merge multiple files of my football games (I have 10 cameras a game) and now I am starting to make highlights of each game. But some of the cameras have different frame rates and use different codecs. So now I am completely at a loss on how to get these working in linux. I would be ok with a GUI or some other video editing software if that is what it would take.

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Elgato Systems GmbH Game Capture HD60 S+ Not Working with USB3.0
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I have two Ubuntu installations and my newer laptop can connect properly with Video Capture card on USB3.0, but desktop can only connect with USB2.0. Any ideas as to what the issues might be connecting USB3.0 for this card on my desktop?

Linux comp1 5.11.0-38-generic #42~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 28 20:41:07 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Comp1 - USB3.0 (works):

Bus 002 Device 028: ID ...
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Wayland with Intel Graphics results in graphical stuttering - is there a solution?
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I've been using wayland with intel 520 graphics and, for the most part, it works excellently. However, I noticed that any hardware accelerated 1080p video playback (VLC,MPV etc) causes stuttering, not just in the video, but on the entire desktop (for instance, pressing super to see programs side by side with be stuttery).

I also noticed that, unlike with XORG, when video is playing played, the gr ...

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mkvtoolnix mkvmerge makes short video repeat itself
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I have used to mkvtoolnix functionality "mkvmerge" to play a sound file over a video that I made:

$ mkvmerge -o outFile.mkv -A vokoscreen-2021-11-20_21-51- bensound-popdance.mp3 

This makes a new video with the sound of the sounf file playing over the video. Just like I want.

The problem is that the sound file is much longer than my video. What then happens is that the video just replays until the soundf ...

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External DELL screen is not working with Ubuntu 21.04 on Thinkpad
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I am trying to connect my Lenovo, Thinkpad laptop with my DELL external screen via HDMI. Either the external screen blinks and shows the colors in very bad quality or it doesn't connect all with "No HDMI signal from your device" message. Laptop runs Ubuntu 21.04.

My external screen works fine via the same HDMI cable with another laptop. Moreover, my Levono, Thinkpad also works fine with another externa ...

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Screen tearing only in full screen, web rip videos
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When I watch web rip videos on my thinkpad t440p with intel hd 4600 graphics there is screen tearing on the upper part of the screen. This happens only when on fullscreen and the player I use does not seem to matter. There is no problem with browser videos or blu-rays. I tried this Screen tearing in 11.10 with intel graphics Screen tearing in 11.10 with intel graphics but it either did not help or m ...

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how to make firefox's picture in picture window always on top?
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Having the video on top of other windows is the point of Picture in Picture feature in Firefox and it is the default behavior in windows, but in Ubuntu, Firefox's picture in picture is not on top by default. every time i enable it, i should go to menu and make it "always on top" (look at picture).

is there any solution for this annoying behavior?

i use firefox 94 (snap package) in ubuntu 21.10 with  ...

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Unexpected output from ffmpeg in bash script
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I'm fairly new to writing bash scripts. I wrote a script with the goal of fixing HEVC encoded MP4 files that are missing the ctts atom. It is based on this script from a Plex forum user. The script accomplishes what I am trying to do, but requires manually checking every file and running it against the script. I have over 450 movies in my library and I want to be able to run the script once and not ha ...

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Old video adapters cannot to play more than 30 frames per second videos
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I use Ubuntu-Studio 20.04.3 LTS inside two desktop computers and one laptop computer.

That laptop is a HP 250 G5 device, which we can consider as an old computer.

The internal video adapter of that laptop isn't capable to play UHD videos with more than 30 frames per second.

I tested it with the same video, same resolution, same format file, but 29.97 fps and 50 fps. The 29.97 fps version is played "sat ...

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Burning .mp4 to a DVD
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Using Kubuntu 21.10, I have been trying to burn a DVD containing three videos I've received from YouTube-dl. One of them is type .mkv and the other two are .mp3. Using Brasero, I have selected the three files to burn to the disc, but only the .mkv file appears in the list of files to be copied. I receive a dialog box stating that the .mp4 files do not have a "suitable type for video projects".

I  ...

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Internet Video Playback Choppy Ubuntu 20.04.3 LST
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Dual booting Ubuntu 20.04.3 LST and Windows. Ubuntu seems to work perfectly, apart from internet videos are choppy/juttery (framerate is consistent apart from momentary drops to very low framerates)

I have tried all permutations of the following: hardware acceleration on/off; chromium/firefox (also all attempted in safe mode); XORG/Wayland; Gnome/XFCE/Plasma;

Video works perfectly in windows. Also o ...

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All linux distros not working ... Please, help me
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I have a problem with every Linux distribution. My computer consists of:

  • SilentiumPC Supremo L2 Gold 650W
  • Gigabyte B560M D3H
  • i5-11400
  • Fera 5
  • Crucial Ballistix Red, 16 GB, DDR4, 3600 MHz
  • Geforce RTX 2060 OC 6 GB
  • Plextor M8VC (256 GB)
  • WD BLUE 1 TB 7200 rpm

The problem is that when I click next in the installer and prepare the drivers, it loads endlessly and nothing happens. UEFI settings are restarted to  ...

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Introducing latency in the video output
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I am using the CARLA driving simulator ( in Ubuntu. I want the output of the CARLA, i.e, the video, to be displayed with a certain latency. I am not sure how to do it.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Webcam not working, but works on Windows
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Hello dear Ubuntu community

My webcam is not working. On Windows 10 it works fine, no problems. lsusb shows no webcam. Cheese says there is an error.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I am new to Ubuntu so my webcam has never worked, as far as I know.

This is a laptop, model ThinkPad X1 Tablet G2. It is an integrated webcam.

Output of ls -lah /dev/video*:

crw-rw----+ 1 root video 81,  0 nov.   1 21:00 /d ...
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ffmpeg alsa can not capture audio from UVC USB HDMI capture card to HLS server
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in the same context before, I have been helped by brother ( llogan ) on Oct 15 at 16:35 , by using syntax his suggestion, and i've tried it, at first i got the sound stuttering, then it went back to silent,but for some reason I haven't accessed this blog for a long time, so communication is loss, so anyone can help me ? current condition we using syntax :

ffmpeg -f alsa -channels 2 -sample_rate 441 ...
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YouTube videos on Chrome are slow to start
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I am using Ubuntu 20.04.

I just started to have a strange problem, every time I play a youtube video it has like 10 seconds of the loading screen (where the loading animation plays) and then it starts playing the video. On firefox youtube works fine, no delay in starting the video, so I don't think there is an internet problem. Also, on Chrome, Twitch or any other streaming websites work fine.

Somet ...

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Youtube don't stop to play audios
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I would like to ask the community for help with a problem that is bothering me. In my firefox 93.0 (64 bit), ubuntu 20.04.3, youtube doesn't stop playing audios, and videos, even when I have it paused or stopped. A few seconds after pausing (k key or any other command) the video or music starts playing again. Even when I switch to another page, the audio from the previous page starts playing again, unle ...

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Video freezing, audio continues. Must hard restart to fix
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I am having an issue where the video on the screen will freeze up, though audio continues just fine. This happens most often when I am launching a program, but has also happened completely randomly, or on minimizing or opening windows. There does not seem to be any reproducible steps to cause this issue so that I can troubleshoot through it. I have to just wait for it to happen. After every time it happ ...

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Is there a comprehensive guide to the latest version of Motion, and how can I quickly set up multiple cameras?
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what is the best guide to configuring the latest version of motion? I look at the older guides and advice posted and it seems to be nothing like the latest motion.conf options I am given.

Right now I want to set up multiple cameras on the same computer, I tried to setup "# Video device (e.g. /dev/video0) to be used for capturing." but can only get one "videodevice" to work at once.

It only has one d ...

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After installing dvd source for playing dvd's I got this!
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I installed restricted extras, multiverse, other codecs over a week period periodically found out how to get libdvdcss2, and libdvdread4, both where not supplied by the terminal, bash or shell. libdvdcss2 was installed by a Firefox hot linking method-2. libdvdcss2 was then installed via Ubuntu Software, libdvdread4 found via; "" apparently generic 18.04 .deb file installer. Was was wondering? Wh ...

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Problem after installing LTS 20.4 using ISO – image
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Problem one Firefox didn’t play or stream and some presentation videos how to fix video problem. I did all fixes proposed in net. Youtube and big bunny worked fine Finnaly but not those live stream news services. Latest fix was that I uninstalled firefox installed from iso-image and made a new installation using ubuntu software manager client. Voila stream services worked ...

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How to use local camera in remote server
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Using ssh enabled remote server(Linux). For accessing the remote server from my windows PC, already enabled tunnel & X11 Forwarding (as I am using Jupiter notebook for video processing).

By using cap = cv2.VideoCapture("testVid.mp4") I can see the processed video smoothly when processing the video in the notebook through 'Xming' in Windows screen. But I am badly in need of cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0 ...

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Chrome keyboard shortcuts while playing local videos?
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Google Chrome can play local videos (which is useful, because it's safer than regular video players due to the sandboxing it uses).

However, it doesn't have any keyboard bindings except space for "pause". Is there any way to configure skip-forward and skip-back keys without installing some extension published by an unfamiliar third party)?

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Weird textures on some screens
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I'm using a computer with Ubuntu 20.04 and Intel HD Graphics 2500 (IVB GT1). It's a work computer, and it's my first time using Ubuntu. When I got it, I noticed that sometimes it shows some weird textures as shown below:

weird texture on a YouTube video

The problem is that it doesn't happen to everything. For instance, the thumbnails on the related videos on YouTube are showing just fine. It usually happens on bigger images, videos  ...

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Video can only play at 480p
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I just installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on my computer. It is said to be better than Windows 8.1. I had Windows 8.1 on this same computer. I could play up to 4k video. But after installing Ubuntu, one bar on my WiFi icon has gone down. On Windows 8.1 it was always full. Now I can only play videos in 480p. Can anyone help me fix this? Its not my internet problem. I get like 90 mbps.

Here are the specs ...

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If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device
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Please help guys. I get this annoying error whenever I play any video. It buffers for 10 seconds and then starts. Buffering is there whenever I play any video but error only shows in youtube. When I pause and play it still buffers and shows this error. Internet is not the issue. I tried 3-4 browsers including firefox but no solution. There is some problem in audio because when I play video on mute, it p ...

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`ffmpeg` doesn't recognize input from pipe for merging mp4 via concat demuxer
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I want to merge mp4 files via the concat demuxer and cannot get it to work with a script.

I am using the script from another AskUbuntu answer, called concatmp4 here:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
    echo "Usage: `basename $0` input_1.mp4 input_2.mp4 ... output.mp4"
    exit 0

ARGS=("$@") # determine all arguments
output=${ARGS[${#ARGS[@]}-1]} # get the last argument (output file)
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Why does YouTube consume one vCPU?
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I am using Ubuntu 18.04. Recently, almost for one month, every time I go to YouTube, Google Chrome consumes one full vCPU 100%, which causes my laptop's fans to start spinning as fast as they can. This happens only when I go to YouTube, even if I just go to and do not play any video.

I updated Chrome to the latest version (Version 94.0.4606.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)) but that didn' ...

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Create video from images using ffmpeg and piping
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I'd like to make a video of the last 10 images in a particular folder. I am trying to do this in a single line command instead of creating a list. I was trying the following, but it errors out like below. Any suggestions?

echo `find ./folder1 -type f | grep .png | sort | tail -10 ;`| ffmpeg -f image2 -i - test.mp4

[image2 @ 0x21bf1c0] Could find no file with path 'pipe:' and index in the range 0-4 ...
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Hardware acceleration chrome+youtube?
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I am having an issue watching hd (720 or 1080) videos on Ubuntu 21.04 fresh install. I get really high cpu usage (50% on all cores) which is pretty high for a 720p vid. I tried watching the same video on vlc (hw acceleration) and it works perfectly fine. I even tried a 4k video and it works fine cpu usage < 20%. Why is chrome consuming so much cpu?

flags enabled: enter image description here

Here is what I have tried: sudo ...