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Questions related with Video Players and its working in Ubuntu
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Video in google meet
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Unable to open my video in google meet Voice is clear in google meet conference, but video cannot be switched on I use Ubuntu and firefox browser

when I followed instructions for Cheese,I am able to see myself in the video camera webcam from logitech is working. But in google meet, video could not be turned on

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hdvp html player v1.0 doesn't work in firefox browser
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Downloaded ubuntu 21.04 and cannot play videos in browser. Adobe flash player needed in Firefox browser. Since Adobe Flash is EOL after end of 2020, can I use some other flash sw? Any advice?

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1080p video can't play in VLC
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I was first a Windows user, but recently switched to Ubuntu.

I want to play 1080p .mkv videos on VLC but it won't play properly. In Windows it works but not in Ubuntu.

VLC was my default player, but now I like Ubuntu video player a lot. My screen resolution is 1366×768.

How do I get 1080p video to play on on VLC?

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Can't play 1080p mkv videos in default video player or in vlc
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I have downloaded ubuntu restricted extras, but I can't play the video file which is in 1080p mkv on my laptop. In vlc player only audio plays and in default video player audio & video both laggs My laptop is lenovo IdeaPad 110. What to do??

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Unable to play videos when eGPU disconnected
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I’m finding that I can only play h264 video when I have my eGPU plugged in and only with the default program (Videos). Any other apps, i.e VLC, always come up with something to the effect of: "could not decode the format "h264" (H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10))". I've tried launching VLC with the discrete graphics option but the same problem comes up. Anything else that requires graphics output works perf ...

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How can I change playback speed of mpv video player?
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I love mpv player for its modern minimalist look, easy moving along a video simply with mouse scroll and robust rendering of .mp4 videos.

However, I could not figure out how to change the playback speed as I can do easily in VLC's playback menu. I simply can not see any GUI option to do so. Nor could I find a relevant configuration trick in the wiki.

So I appreciate your hints if there is a hidden ...