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Questions about Virtualizing Ubuntu or virtualizing other operating systems within Ubuntu.
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Ubuntu kvm error please help
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Hi I'm using Ubuntu Kvm and whonix, I'm able to install it and have whonix start up. Then I restart my server and everytime I keep having this error. Can anyone please help me.

root@ubuntu:~# virsh start Whonix-Gateway
error: Failed to start domain Whonix-Gateway
error: internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: /usr/bin/kvm-                        spice: 2: exec: qemu-system-x86_6 ...
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How can I share the host's network interface with virtual machines so that they appear on the same subnet and use the same DHCP?
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I am moving my virtual machines from Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2 to KVM/libvirt/etc on Ubuntu 20.04, and I need to recreate the network configuration I had before. I have had no problems importing the VMs but a difference in the way networks for the virtual machines work has me stumped.

On Hyper-V, all of the virtual machines shared the host network interface, and got their IP addresses fro ...

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Disable IP Routes on Boot
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I'm running KVM on bare metal Ubuntu 20.04, and in order to get guest to host networking functional, I added a macvlan interface. I added a script under /etc/networkd-dispatcher/routable.d/ to create the macvlan interface on boot up, which seems to work.

#! /bin/bash
ip link add macvlan0 link enp35s0 type macvlan mode bridge

If I manually get rid of all of the routes, and ad ...

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No login prompt on console Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (running on qemu Synology)
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With one of the last Ubuntu updates I can't login on console anymore, because I'm getting no login prompt.

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on a Synology Virtual Machine and try to connect to the console via the web interface. I only see some kernel messages.

I tried to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 / Ctrl+F1, but no success. I guess the web interface doesn't send these special key combination correctly.

Any ideas?

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qemu adding a non bootable floppy raw format image into an existing virtual machine
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This is the issue: I created a floppy image which I want to add to an existing virtual machine. I added the disk from the virtual machine manager but when I boot the vm I get this error:

Automatically detecting the format is dangerous for raw images, write operations on block 0 will be restricted. Specify the 'raw' format explicitly to remove the restrictions.

I found many threads about how to remov ...

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Linux host, Windows VM with full GPU passthrough for laptop?
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Good day to everyone,

I have acquired a laptop for mainly studying purposes and the occasional OTG gaming session. The laptop in questions is an MSI Pulse GL66 with an RTX 3070 (80Watt). To get on with my problem, I've been studying online on how I could run Ubuntu on the laptop as the main (Host) OS and then have a Windows 10 VM so I can run, some specific applications (i.e MATLAB with Simulink, ...

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GNOME Boxes: What is needed for 3D acceleration?
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Background: Running Kubuntu in a GNOME Boxes virtual machine has missing desktop switching effects.

Elsewhere, it has been suggested that this may be due to missing 3D acceleration. In VirtualBox with 3D acceleration, the effects show (without it, KDE complains).

The GNOME Boxes website states that 3D Acceleration is supported if both guest and host virtual machines support it. I therefore hope to make ...

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Ubuntu 20.04.3 Server autoinstall user-data does bootorder efibootmgr not change
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Actually I have an issue by running Ubuntu 20.04 Server, if we customize the user-data file, I'm getting only the prompt by installation Ubuntu 20.04.


We would like to build an Ubuntu 20.04 image with Packer for qemu vm. The std. configuration work fine, but if we changing something in the user-data file and restart the build again, we getting the installation prompt, which we must select user la ...

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Fatal error at Ubuntu VM run
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I have installed VM on my Windows 8, but FATAL error has occurred . How can I fix it, what's wrong?
enter image description here

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QEMU Guest hat not initialized the display (yet) | Ubuntu 21.10 arm64
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Actually I have a problem by using qemu on my Windows 10 to built an Ubuntu arm64 Image. I creating the qemu VM with packer, it works fine, but it still hang after typing the boot parameters.

After starting my Packer, I getting Popup qemu Display with following error:

-> Guest has not initialied the display (yet) <-

I trying some Quemu arguments for Display setting, but it still not work hopefully  ...

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Multiple VMs in Ubuntu Server 20.04
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Complete noob here on VMs.

I have a good spec (EPYC 7502P 32-Core) Ubuntu 20.04 server where I am not using all the resources for the task I am currently running. Is it possible create multiple VMs within that server where I can run different tasks? I want to allocate specific number of cpus/ram/storage (single nvme ssd) to that VM and ssh into it remotely. Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks! ...

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Qemu how to get a port for VNC and stop the terminal?
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Using Ubuntu 20.04, I am starting my Ubuntu server with:

qemu-system-x86_64 \
  -enable-kvm \
  -cpu host \
  -smp 11 \
  -drive format=raw,file=/mnt/kvm-guests/work.img,if=virtio \
  -net nic,model=virtio,macaddr=ec:8d:2c:f3:2a:7c \
  -net tap,ifname=tap2,script=no,downscript=no \
  -runas kvmuser \
  -nographic \
  -m 30000 &

How do I make it to where:

  1. There is a port given in the output if I ...
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Are there Virtual Machines that allow lots of VRAM allocation?
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I'm interested in running Fusion 360 and set up a virtual machine to do this effectively. However, VirtualBox caps out at vRAM 256MB which hinders the performance of Fusion, and I was wondering if there are other VMs that offer higher vRAM capacities.

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virt-v2v error converting vmware p2v converted windows machine errors when being converted for kvm using virt-v2v
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Running Ubuntu 20.04 When running the virt-v2v I am getting an error on the virtual machine output created by vmware's converter for p2v.

This is the error message: virt-v2v: error: libguestfs error: inspect_os: lstat: /Windows/System32/cmd.exe: Input/output error

Verbose listing of output is too large for the body of this message

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Create a shared folder for KVM Windows guest on Ubuntu server 20.04 or properly set up NAT connection
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Hi I am posting this because all of the guides I can find involve a GUI. I am using Ubuntu server and controlling it with cockpit. I installed the following packages to get virtual machines working: qemu qemu-kvm libvirt-daemon libvirt-clients bridge-utils virt-manager. I can use my Windows 10 Pro guest from the web interface, but I need it to save my DVR recordings to /Data/Tank/Plex/Playon. If I go se ...

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No longer starting Virtualbox VM after OS Update/Reboot: VirtualBox can't enable the AMD-V extension
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Virtualbox VMs have been running fine on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine until right after my latest apt get update; apt get upgrade -y and reboot.

Now, whenever I try to start a VirtualboxVM, I get the error:

Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Foo. VirtualBox can't enable the AMD-V extension. Please disable the KVM kernel extension, recompile your kernel and reboot (VERR_SVM_IN_USE).

Is there a ...

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SSH problem / Access Denied
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I have some problem with SSH. I am setting up a VPS (Virtual Machine) on my dedicated server with the help of virt-manager. I have already one Virtual Machine to which I have assigned IPv4, I have also installed SSH there.

The problem is, as I connect:

  • ssh kvm1@numericIP through the QEMU/KVM console and enter the password and everything works

  • numericIP via PuTTY console, login: kvm1 and enter the passwo ...

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Ubuntu Kiosk Mode
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I’m workin on a ubuntu kiosk project but all contents are explaining browser-based scenario. Can you share some knowledge or resource about how can we use an aplication (such as word, excel, outlook etc.) on ubuntu kiosk mode?


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I want to run a kernel-based VM using the command line with as minimal a set of packages as possible, how do I do this?
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What are the minimal set of additional packages (over a basic server install) I would need on Ubuntu Server 20.04 to run a KVM (for argument's sake lets say it's a virtualized instance of Ubuntu 20.04)?

I basically want to run KVM on the command-line, for some reason most of the guides I have found only deal with using virt-manager and I want to avoid using a GUI.

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Install and run Android apps on Ubuntu Touch via the Dalvik VM or via the Android Runtime?
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I've used the Linux SailFish OS my on my old Jolla1 phone and I remember I could install and run Android apps via the Alien Dalvik VM.

By now, there is a companent called AppSupport for Linux Platforms which, I quote, (from

gives any embedded Linux-compatible platform capability to run Android apps

Is it possible to have the Dalvik VM or the Android Runtime, on another c ...

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qemu+kvm, unhelpful virt-install --location error
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I have fought with qemu and virt-install to no avail, and I am completely stuck with an unhelpful error message that gets me absolutely nowhere.

FIRST, some necessary system configuration:

Base metal operating system is Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. No desktop environment. VM operating system will be Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. No desktop environment.

I have a 60GB LVM at /dragonode that I intend to use as  ...

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Switching from a VM: How much “overhead” does the desktop version add versus the server version?
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I usually use Ubuntu on VitrualBox machines and use the server distro. I’m considering installing Ubuntu directly to the hardware, but I’m concerned about not having a GUI option at all.

With the desktop version I’m not concerned about disk space, but performance. Does it have a significant effect on overall performance? Or am I worrying too much? Won’t I get a performance boost by no ...

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Virt-manager missing architecture types
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I am running 21.10 with virt-manager 3.2.0. I have installed: qemu-system-aarch64 qemu-system-i386 qemu-system-x86_64-microvm qemu-system-arm qemu-system-x86_64 qemu-system-x86_64-spice

dpkg -l | grep qemu-system:

    ii  qemu-block-extra                           1:6.0+dfsg-2expubuntu1.1                   amd64        extra block backend modules for qemu-system and qemu-utils
ii  qemu-syst ...
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New Ubuntu 20.04 with KVM, guest image not able to start/create with Terraform
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I have installed Ubuntu 20.04 with KVM and I tried to create Centos 7 guest VM via Terraform.

It is saying "Could not open '/mnt/storage/centos7tes.qcow2': Permission denied", but I tried with root and with user. Also I use Cockpit as GUI.

terraform {
  required_providers {
    libvirt = {
      source = "dmacvicar/libvirt"

provider "libvirt" {
  ## Configuration options
  #uri  ...
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Can I use virtualization without grub crashes? Why does grub crashes after enabling BIOS virtualization?
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I have a dual Ubuntu/Windows PC. I installed VirtualBox on Windows OS but it didn't work. I read that I had to enable virtualization on the BIOS, so I did it. After that, grub didn't start. I tried to restore grub with supergrub2 without success. Tried with a live CD without success. Tried to reinstall Ubuntu 21.10... I couldn't.

So I went to BIOS to disable virtualization, and grub started corre ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 - Bridge KVM
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I am using Ubuntu 20.04.3 and libvirt for virtualization. The default bridge works well with NAT and I am able to establish internet connections.

With a bridge to have a VM on the same network, I cannot go beyond the server.

Does somebody have an idea?

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Migrating from VirtualBox to WSL
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I've been using Ubuntu on VirtualBox for about a year now, but I recently learned about WSL, and it seems a lot more useful for my purposes. I've been trying to migrate all my data out of the VirtualBox VM, but I'm unable to find any resources online that tell me how to do so. I was able to migrate my VM and all the data within to Hyper-V in the hopes that migration from Hyper-V to WSL2 would be simpler ...

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Details of multipass instance
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"The multipass launch command without any argument will create and start a new instance"

Not clear to me what is actually happening with this.  Is it running Ubuntu on another computer, x11/ssh/rlogin/etc ? Or does it create a local virtual machine?

Is the instance persistent, or does it (and all its data & history) cease to exist when you're done with it?

If remote and persistent, does it make y ...

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Qemu thunderbolt audio device freezes on windows guest
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I have Ubuntu 20.04 hosted on HP elite book G8 (i7 1185G7) and Windows 10 guest through kvm. I need to connect a Thunderbolt audio device (Presonus Quantum) to windows. I did it using a virtual machine manager (found an audio device using lspci and added it to the machine in VM manager). I installed the official device driver in windows and the device is recognized and working. However, the audio devic ...

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KVM guest sporadically fail to boot - no error messages
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I've a KVM booting problem that appears different to the others I can find described online.

I have a guest that fails to boot every few days. No combination of destroy or restarting libvirtd services can make it boot, I have to reboot the entire host and then it's luck again as to whether the guest will boot.

I'd say roughly 75% of the time the guest boots successfully.

There're no obvious error logs tha ...