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VLC Media Player is an open-source media player / transcoder / streaming server maintained by the VideoLAN organization.
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vlc plays all videos in same window
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I am using Ubuntu 18.04.

I want to play multiple videos at same time in VLC player, just like I used to do in Windows. But when I click to open new video it starts that video in the same video window itself.

How can I do that?

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VLC can't connect to MiniDLNA
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I installed the minidlna on a device connected to the local network and set it up. I'm able to play media from that device using VLC on iOS but VLC on Ubuntu 20.04 is unable to find it.

What I tried and doesn't work:

  1. $ vlc -v Then Local Network -> Universal Plug'n'Play. It shows nothing, log:
VLC media player Vetinari (revision
[000055b469eae670] main libvlc: Runni ...
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Cannot open network stream in VLC, and cannot delete/replace youtube.luac file
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Tried to follow the instructions as written here under "Updating the VLC Youtube parser": VLC - YouTube videos won't play anymore

The problem is I can't delete the youtube.luac file. Apparently it's read-only and located within the snap directory (specifically, /snap/vlc/2344/usr/lib/vlc/lua/playlist). Using sudo nautilus and removing the file per GUI failed as well, and now I'm not sure how to move forwa ...

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How to fix an app appearing twice in my application list
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I have VLC appearing twice on my app list using Gnome desktop on Ubuntu 20.04.I had VLC installed but the app wouldn't launch whenever I tried to. I decided to reinstall VLC,then VLC started appearing twice in my application list (one shortcut working fine and not the other).

Following MadcapJake advice on reddit, I typed: xprop WM_CLASS and clicked on the vlc tab.

The result was : WM_CLASS(STRING ...

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VLC plays an mp4 but mpv doesn't
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I have videos that I have ripped off a streaming site, the vast majority play with mpv.

One or two, I get the error:

[ffmpeg/demuxer] mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2: Invalid sample size -3
[ffmpeg/demuxer] mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2: error reading header
[lavf] avformat_open_input() failed
[ffmpeg/demuxer] mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2: Invalid sample size -3
[ffmpeg/demuxer] mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2: error reading he ...
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VLC with VDPAU does not display the video : hardware accelerator failed to decode picture
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VLC with VDPAU does not display the video : hardware accelerator failed to decode picture.

The audio works fine.

The vdpau drivers are installed :

$ dpkg -l | grep vdpau
ii  libvdpau1:amd64                                             1.3-1ubuntu2                                amd64        Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (libraries)
ii  mesa-vdpau-drivers:amd64                                  ...
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VLC media player fails to install on Ubuntu 18.04
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I have been trying for months to install the VLC media player on my Dell Optiplex 755 computer, with no success. I get an error message, "VLC media player failed to install", when I try to install the program. My operating system is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Is this media player no longer usable with that particular OS? I am presently using the Spotify music player (which does work with my current OS), but woul ...

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After installing dvd source for playing dvd's I got this!
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I installed restricted extras, multiverse, other codecs over a week period periodically found out how to get libdvdcss2, and libdvdread4, both where not supplied by the terminal, bash or shell. libdvdcss2 was installed by a Firefox hot linking method-2. libdvdcss2 was then installed via Ubuntu Software, libdvdread4 found via; "" apparently generic 18.04 .deb file installer. Was was wondering? Wh ...

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How do I uninstall VLSub from VLC (Snap)?
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I installed VLSub on my VLC install a while back but now I want to get rid of it. When I go to plugins and extensions and search for VLSub another version of the extension is there and it lets me install and uninstall it but it doesn't affect the one I have installed.

I found the directory where it is stored but I can't remove it because the directory it's in is read-only. How can I get rid of it ...

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Start vlc minimized from command line
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This is what Im trying..

sleep 2700 && vlc --start-time=29 --stop-time=60 ~/Desktop/Interstellar.mp3

from my shell script(may randomize the target file in future)

did use --qt-start-minimized option too,

did checked vlc start minimized in the Vlc Player itself, couldn't find it.

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Hardware acceleration chrome+youtube?
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I am having an issue watching hd (720 or 1080) videos on Ubuntu 21.04 fresh install. I get really high cpu usage (50% on all cores) which is pretty high for a 720p vid. I tried watching the same video on vlc (hw acceleration) and it works perfectly fine. I even tried a 4k video and it works fine cpu usage < 20%. Why is chrome consuming so much cpu?

flags enabled: enter image description here

Here is what I have tried: sudo ...

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VLC takes long time to start DVDs
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I use VLC to watch DVD's. Some DVD's start immediately, and some take as long as 5 minutes before the DVD menu shows up on the screen (the orange loading bar at the bottom just "bounces" back and forth the whole time).

It is not "random". The same DVD's consistently start quickly, and the same DVD's consistently take a really long time. Also, nothing is wrong with the DVD's. If I put them in my p ...

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How do monitor a folder and play that song or video via vlc if there is a new file present?
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I saw a similar question asked about monitoring folders/directories. But his question was about moving the file and then running it. Monitor folder and run command if there is a file there? The answer included inotify and by using python. Is there a way to bridge off of that idea and only monitor one folder and run from one folder while being able to play music or video (.mp3 or .mov) using vlc? I  ...

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How do i specify multiple non-standard header locations in "make"?
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I'm compiling vlc from source. Unfortunately my qt include files are not in the standard include directories. How to add these directories into standard locations.Can I set an environmental variable or pass argument to make command?

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Obs-studio is installing VLC without permission
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My laptop is running on ubuntu 20.04. I installed obs studio with sudo apt install obs-studio. Now vlc app is installed with it.It don't even ask for any permission.Did i just installed anything bad for my system ?

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VLC outputs garbled video for certain files when video output is set to automatic but XCB output works: is this a bug or normal?
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I've got an old laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 where video output in VLC is broken for some files. This started happening some weeks ago.

I was able to fix it by changing the video output (in Tools -> Preferences -> Video) from automatic to XCB. Is this a bug that ought to be reported somewhere or is it expected that the automatic output selection might not work correctly?

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cvlc command does not work after upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04
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After upgrading to Ubuntu 20.4 I cannot run vlc from a terminal. This is what happens:

$ ls 
MashaAndTheBearCompilation.mp4  NomadenDerLuefte.mp4
$ cvlc MashaAndTheBearCompilation.mp4
VLC media player Vetinari (revision

I would very much appreciate any ideas about how to resolve this issue. Thank you for your time :)

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Unable to play any rtsp Streams - in XUbuntu and Debian
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I am unable to play any RTSP-Stream from any XUbuntu/Ubuntu/Debian Live-Stick or my XUbuntu which is running on my Laptop and Desktop.

I have several rtsp-sources:

  • an RTSP-Stream on my local RaspBerryPi (authentication is not needed)
  • a stream from the internet (authentication is not needed)

Both streams can be played with VLC on:

  • my other RaspBerryPi (RaspBerryPi OS)
  • my Windows-Laptop
  • the Android Ta ...
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UPNP / DLNA (client) with media preview support?
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10 years ago this question was posted

UPNP / DLNA (client) player recommendations?

My LG TV can browse UPNP / DLNA shares and show a media preview (the server delivers a preview, I don't know how exactly). Which software can do the same on Ubuntu?

Kodi and VLC don't show a preview.

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20.04.2 + Ryzen 4k 60fps video playback
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Have a laptop with the following specs, and I can't get 4k videos to play smoothly. All I see if 1 frame every few seconds.

  • Ubuntu 20.04.2LTS
  • Kernel 5.11.0-27-generic
  • Ryzen 7 pro 4750u with radeon graphics
  • 16GB RAM

Tried VLC 3.0.16(latest stable) and the default player, and the results are still the same.

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Is there a Linux VLC version which supports the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol?
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I use OBS Studio to stream live video using the SRT protocol.

To receive the stream, the current Windows and MacOS versions of VLC can be used.

But the Linux versions were compiled without libsrt, and cannot receive SRT streams. I checked the version in the Ubuntu repository: vlc/focal, and also the nightly PPA: 4.0.0~rc1~~git20210808+r89110+251~ubuntu20.04.1.

I could of course try to compi ...

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VLC crash ( '/ dev / fb0' failed, globalhotkeys,none, ..)
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VLC, previously fully functional, suddenly started not playing videos.

Executed from the terminal, both as vlc file.mp4 and as cvlc file.mp4 it gave the following error:

(*) DirectFB / Core: Single Application Core. (2014-10-24 12:33)

(*) Direct / Memcpy: Using Generic 64bit memcpy ()

(!) Direct / Util: opening '/ dev / fb0' failed
-> Permission denied

(!) DirectFB / FBDev: Error opening framebuffer ...
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Audio from .mkv file stutters when skipping in VLC
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Title basically says it all. When I'm using VLC and I jump to a random point in an .mkv video, the audio stutters a bit. It gets quite annoying after a while.

It doesn't happen in other video players, so is there a way to fix it in VLC without having to make changes to the .mkv file?

Edit: It's on a local drive.

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Pixelated video while in Ubuntu 18.04
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When I play some video using VLC or default Ubuntu 18.04 video player, the video seems pixelated. Screenshots from Video and VLC.

I create a simple .HTML file that load the video using the video element and the video seems perfect: Browser.

When using ubuntu default player, the video seems to "lag", but is fine because I use VLC as default for playing videos.

PS: My graphic card is a AMD RADEON R ...

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How to open a video file in Windows using the Ubuntu terminal?
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So I am learning the Linux/Ubuntu command line. One of the things I want to be able to do is to use the Ubuntu terminal (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to open video files (mp4) on my computer (Windows 10).

I have tried VLC and MPlayer, but when I run vlc filename or mplayer filename, it gives me a very long error. It seems like it is running, but only shows text and then gives a long error.

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Media Players (e.g. VLC) auto muting
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I'm using Ubuntu 20.04.

Today I was listening to some audio using the default media player (Videos). I paused the player and watched a youtube video. When I went back to the Videos player, there was no sound, even when the volume switcher was turned up.

I installed VLC player to play my audio, which it did, but then everytime I switched a window to firefox and opened a Youtube video, VLC would autom ...

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VLC, as default video player, still not playing videos automatically out of Thunderbird
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I have made VLC my default media player, but it still won't automatically play my videos sent in Thunderbird email. I have Ubuntu 20.04. How do I fix this problem? Thank you.

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Cannot play AVI video
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I have an AVI video. I have tried it playing it with the standard Ubuntu "Video" application as well as VLC. It cannot be played.

The video has no problems as it can be played no problem in a windows system.

What should I modify to play this video with VLC or Video? Any customization? codec?

P.S. I have been suggested to "check the format with ffprobe" but I don't know what that means? What is ffprobe ...

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1080p video can't play in VLC
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I was first a Windows user, but recently switched to Ubuntu.

I want to play 1080p .mkv videos on VLC but it won't play properly. In Windows it works but not in Ubuntu.

VLC was my default player, but now I like Ubuntu video player a lot. My screen resolution is 1366×768.

How do I get 1080p video to play on on VLC?

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Issues with sound since pavumeter is installed
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I have an issue with VLC, I have no sound playing until I start Pavumeter. It happens since I've installed Pavumeter.

To purge the package doesn't solve the issue, it's even worse since I have then no sound at all.

It was working fine for a few months, until I installed pavumeter to check my surround. Since then, when I start VLC, I have no sound playing. It's only when I start pavumeter that the so ...