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How to remove gnu grub without booting into Windows?
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I'm on edge of tears. I have a dual boot machine for Ubuntu and Windows 7. After POSTing, I get sent into the GNU Grub menu. And recently, my Windows boot broke, and I can not boot into it. However, despite changing the settings in the BIOS and even entering Windows' boot menu, I can not boot neither my recovery dvd's (I made 4 copies just in case) to fix my Windows installation, neither an utility usb  ...

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I have a large window that won't resize, how can I fix it?
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Codeblocks is taking a lot portion of my screen.I want it to take less screen (preferably upto the red rectangular size i have drawn).Is there any way I can do it ?

I can resize the height, but that's not what I want. It seems I cannot change the width though.

enter image description here

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Prevent from click the background when closing a window
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I'm kind of new in the linux community This happened when I was trying Ubuntu 20.04. Every time I closed a window, if there was another behind, it was like closing the first and immediately clicking the one behind, bringing it to the front. This was specially annoying when the app window in the background is big enough to hide everything else that was in the front.

I've been just ignoring the iss ...

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how to display current X-Y position of window in gnome-terminal
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For input into gnome-terminal --geometry. I would like to customize the gnome-terminal position upon opening it.

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Get the order of applictaions on GUI
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Is there a command to show the order of application shows on GUI?

enter image description here

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moving maximize window at other screen without maximize in Kubuntu 20.04
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if i moving maximized window a little bit in the other screen in jumps to maximized onto top left.

How to disable this effect in Kubuntu 20.04 ?

i have read the solution here, but not works in Kubuntu 20.04

How to disable window maximize effect in Kubuntu

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Order multiple app windows in gnome 3.36.9
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Gnome 3.36 Windows

Wanted to order windows. So that I can make other windows as primary.

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"Skia shader compilation error"
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I've been getting the error "Skia shader compilation error" in my term window for the last two days. It regularly overwrites my screen. I have no idea what it means or how to get rid of it. And just now, this popped up:

"Passwords sqlite error 2067, errno 0: UNIQUE constraint failed: logins.origin_url, logins.username_element, logins.username_value, logins.password_element, logins.signon_realm, s ...

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KDE Window Application Menu opens at wrong position
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I have an issue I can't figure out. I'm using Kubuntu 20.04, Kde plasma 5.18.7. I added the application menu button to the window and when the menu open, it shows up at a random position. The menu button is at the top right corner of the window. This is frustrating because if I have a window maximized and I open the app menu, the menu has half off screen. If I'm using multiple monitor the menu might eve ...

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How to have different window tiling options?
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I am actually talking about options like:

1st window: 1/3 of screen 2nd window: 2/3 of screen

1st window: 1/2 of screen 2nd window: 1/2 of screen

1st window: 2/3 of screen 2nd window: 1/3 of screen

and so on ...

actually like Macos X . with keybord shortcuts ...

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hotkey to toggle between workspaces
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I want to toggle between two workspaces , ctr + alt + up/down doesn't suit me, because it requires two hands and I would prefer just a toggle hotkey like alt + ` or something to use with left hand.

explanation why i want this- im learning to code and technically i want to toggle between one chrome window with youtube lesson , and other set would be different chrome window split screen with code  ...

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Reducing the distance required to un-maximise window by dragging down
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Is there any way to reduce or remove the distance required to unsnap a window in gnome? In order to un-maximise a window by dragging down, you have to move the mouse cursor about 20 pixels down. This has the effect of making window management feel jerky. Whilst in windows, the window begins to move as soon as the cursor is moved down.

Here is a video to try and explain what i mean in more detail

I'm ...

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How to change the direction of window minimization effect in Ubuntu GNOME?
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Is it possible to change the direction of the minimization effect? So when I click the minimize button on a window or press Super + H, it ALWAYS minimizes toward the top left corner of the screen, no matter the position of the dock. As I have the dock positioned on the bottom center of the screen, I would like the minimization effect to take place toward the bottom center of the screen.

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In KDE Plasma, how to group presented windows by app, like on macOS MissionControl?
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I have a hot-corner action assigned for "Present Windows - Current Desktop" (under System Settings > Screen Edges) and it works well. However, the preview can quickly get too chaotic and confusing when you have 10 windows of Firefox, 5 windows of Dolphin and several other windows of different apps open at once.

On macOS, Mission Control solves this problem by grouping windows of the same app i ...

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force mutter to draw windows separately
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I'm currently using a tools (cssh) to open a lot of different xterm windows on my monitor at once. But some of them are drawn on top of each other, though there is free space to have them separate.

screenshot on second monitor (windows are undecorated using devilspie2)

How can I force mutter (GNOME shell?) to make some space between them, so they don't appear on top of each other?

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Ubuntu window not working, see screen shot
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When I log in to Ubuntu, I cannot click anywhere on any window. I see only close icon on top left:

Odd Overlay

How can I fix this?

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Is there a way to slim down ubuntu's titlebar widgets?
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Is there a way to reduce the size of the widgets on the window title bar's in ubuntu 20.04?

I recently decided 1348271 didn't work for me and decided to do 821813.

But I would still like to shrink the size of them so they don't look so thick.

Is there a way to get these to look around the size of the minimize, maximize and close buttons? enter image description here

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Can I prevent a mouse drag from unmaximizing a window?
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Ubuntu 20.04

I often drag the titlebar or scrollbar of a maximized window by mistake, causing it to unmaximize and get repositioned.

I have disabled "Edge Tiling" in Gnome Tweaks, and this is useful in preventing the opposite behaviour (auto-maximized windows). But how can I prevent windows being unmaximized by a mouse drag?

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How to restore "View split on right (or left)" feature
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Until this morning, in Unity, I had been happily using Ctrl + Super + RightArrow (or LeftArrow) to place a window neatly on one half of my screen or the other. I'd also sometimes use the mouse to drag a window right or left, until the pointer touched the edge of the screen, and that would have the same effect.

This morning, both techniques stopped working, and the associated shortcuts disappeared ...

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What to do when mouse-capturing and keyboard-capturing is unresponsive
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When mouse-capturing and keyboard-capturing is unresponsive, I cannot quit the window and I have to wait ~5 minutes for it to automatically stop. Is there a shortcut (which is prioritized to system not window) that quits the program?

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Controlling windows using keyboard OR another option for WM
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I have Ubuntu Minimal installation with Lubuntu Desktop Environment. I want to resize windows using keyboard. Like when you press Super + Left, the currently selected window should resize and fill left half of the screen. Similar for right. I don`t know whether the lib file required to do such task is pre-installed with minimal version or not.
If it does not come with the required file, please specify t ...

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Why do we need Wayland (or X)?
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I'm not sure why we need Wayland (or X) at all. Since under wayland applications will be drawing themselves then what is the point of wayland? Applications can draw their own windows and widgets, can't they?

What is it that we can't do without Wayland (or X)?