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Questions about using Wireless connections in Ubuntu. This tag is not limited to Wifi only.
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No ping on one device but on another one network is working
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I connect to internet via wi-fi. On my Ubuntu 20.04 computer I have no ping and ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE at any site in Google Chrome. But on my phone internet works fine. Yesterday internet on my computer was working.

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I am new in Ubuntu, i want to make my own MQTT server, how can i do it?
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Hello, i am new in ubuntu, currently working in Automation project, i want to make my own MQTT server in UBUNTU, just like mosquitto and emqx, my MQTT server will have an unique ip

please help me to guide. thank you

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Wifi not showing up on Ubuntu 21.04 Pi Zero 2
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Basically, got myself new RPI zero 2. I already have ubuntu headless setup and working on RPI 4 - no wifi problems there.

I updated and upgraded ubuntu before putting sd card into RPI zero

And when it boots up there is no wifi showing up. 1.lo, docker, docker and some vethff970df1

Ive tried connecting the wifi dongle to RPI zero 2 but it didnt automatically connect or showed up on router's devices list ...

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Tp-Link wireless driver unplug every time on ubuntu in dual boot
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I'm just started using ubuntu-20.04.4-desktop-amd64, facing problem with tp-link wireless adapter. When i use windows 10 it automatically detect, but switch to ubuntu i have to unplug the wireless driver, change the port then it connect.Pls, help me to solve this problem.

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Please help, I have a problem with my wifi in 20.04 lts
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Help When I'm connected to a Wi-Fi network, I don't have a connection to it, but I can't access websites or download anything But then I turn on the vpn and the Wi-Fi works normally and gives me access //////////////////// I use protonvpn and install it by downloading the deb file and installing the vpn file and I wrote with terminal ($ sudo apt install protonvpn) and it was installed and working on it  ...

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How may I get an RTL8211E (USB3 WiFi adapter) working?
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  • Distro: - Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (fresh install today from scratch)
  • Device: - Unknown manufacturer but has the label "AC1200". It is a dual-band 2.4/5GHz type.

I'm trying to install my WiFi device under Ubuntu but the system doesn't appear to recognise it by default. The device has a RealTek chipset according to lsusb:

Bus 003 Device 008: ID 0bda:b812 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. 802.11ac NIC

When I bo ...

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about wirelss connection
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I bought laptop a few days ago and I have ubuntu system in this device. Device can not find any Wi-Fi adapter, does anybody can help me?

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How to solve. wired gets connected only if I turn on my wifi?

If I disconnect wifi/wireless connection, internet is gone even I have wired/lan connection.

Internet just fine yesterday, but now I'm facing this problem.

I tried to check this one in my windows, everything works fine. there is internet either if i connect or disconnect my wifi.

somebody knows how to fix?

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MSI mobo onboard Intel WiFi not detected
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First time Ubuntu user here. I’ve google’d this answer and am at a loss. I have a built in intel WiFi adaptor on my mobo but Ubuntu doesn’t see it. It recognizes it’s intel but that’s it. Not sure what to do from here?

Network control [0280]: Intel Corporation Device [8086:2725] (rev 1a)
Subsystem: Intel Corporation Device [8086:0024] Kernel driver in use : iwlwifi
Kernel modules: iwlwi ...

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Is there a usb dongle with 5ghz that's just plug and play?
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For ubuntu 21.04 and higher, is there a 5ghz usb dongle I can buy where I simply plug it and use it, without compiling or installing drivers from random github pages or PPAs? I can only find 2.4ghz ones. I tried some 5ghz ones but they all don't work.

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Can I have two "known wifi networks" with the same name?
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Problem: There are two wifi networks I want to connect to regularly. But they have the same ssid. As far as I can tell, I have to reconfigure my wifi settings (passwords and authentication methods not the same) each time I move between them. I do not control either network, so cannot change their name. Is there any way to have ubuntu remember two different wifi connections with the same ssid? (for i ...

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WiFi authentication required after a timeout
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Recently, there is the occasional appearance of a dialog for WiFi authentication. I suspect the timing of the dialog is driven by a timeout. When it appeared I clicked on it and it showed that my WiFi password was already known to Ubuntu. How can I prevent this dialog from appearing?

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does not detect wifi usb inmua
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I have a USB Wifi called Inmua. When I execute the command "lsusb",I get the following information:

Bus 001 Device 017: ID 0bda:0811 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. 802.11ac WLAN Adapter

I can't find a way that when I run "ip a" that device appears

Thanks in advance

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Intermittently failing to find 5G network on 20.04
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I have two wifi networks, NetworkName-2.4G and NetworkName-5G. The 2.4G network is always available, but the 5G often doesn't show up on the list. Sometimes it will be gone from the time I boot, sometimes it will drop while I'm in the middle of using it. All of my other devices can connect to it fine. I have this machine set up to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu, and the problem only occurs in Ubuntu. I am ...

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How to install C revision DWA-171 drivers on ubuntu 20.04
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Im new to linux, I installed yesterday. For windows I just go on the D-LINK website and download the driver .exe setup and install it and it works. When I try to go to the same site for linux drivers and follow the instructions, there is a error with compiling. Does the drivers from the site even work? How can I install the drivers for the usb dongle?

lsusb: Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux ...

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ubuntu 20.04 wifi activation failed cannot connect to wifi
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-- met the wifi connection issue, it was ok few days ago, but now my internal wifi card cannot connect to school's wifi, but if I connect it to a router (no internet connected to the router) it can connect to the router's net no issue, here are the networkmanagement output

Feb 22 11:03:48 Zephyrus NetworkManager[962]: <info>  [1645545828.3496] device (p2p-dev-wlo1): supplicant management inte ...
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Access to 5 GHz Wifi on old notebook
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Lubuntu has now been installed on my old Acer notebook which only works on 2.4 GHz WiFi. At a retreat center only 5 GHz was available and I could not download my email. Suggestions for a solution would be very welcome. I am 81 and a complete Ubuntu neophyte so keep replies simple, please. Thank you.

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WiFi not automatically connected on startup, and no automatic switch between WiFi and ethernet when available
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I am running Ubuntu 20.04.4 It used to work fine, until 3-4 days ago I installed Cape2 to create a cuckoo sandbox, using this script :

Afterwards, there was an error on startup ("Failed to start Anonymizing overlay network for TCP"), which has to do with tor, so I disabled services that had been installed with, such as tor and sur ...

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Ubuntu on Macbook Pro 15 2018 driver issues (no peripherals or wifi working)
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Yesterday I managed to install Ubuntu 20.04 on Macbook Pro 2015 using rEFInd (and lots of help). However, I'm running into issues trying to make the Mac's embedded keyboard and touchpad work (currently I'm using an external keyboard and mouse) and also enabling wifi (I can only have internet through ethernet cable and even sometimes it's not recognised by the machine). I have done sudo apt-get &&amp ...

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WIFI (driver) not working
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I have installed Ubuntu alongside Windows. The Wifi Adapter, which works on Windows through automatic driver installation, is not working on it. Through help with a question here I installed the updated driver but the WIFI panel is still absent in the title bar after the reboot. Running sudo modprobe rtl8188gu results in modprobe: FATAL: module rtl8188gu not found in directory /lib/modules/5.11.0- ...

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Network unclaimed on Ubuntu 20.04.03
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I can't use wireless network(WiFi). I can't install WiFi drivers

lspci -v | grep -i network
03:00.0 Network controller: MEDIATEK Corp. Device 7961

sudo lshw -C network
       description: Ethernet interface
       product: RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller
       vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
       physical id: 0
       bus info: pci@ ...
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Cannot connect Bluetooth headset after fixing WiFi issue: Unable to get Headset Voice gateway SDP record: Host is down
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My Bluetooth headset was working fine, but my WiFi did not. I fixed the WiFi issue following, by doing this command:

echo "options rtl8723be ant_sel=2"  >  /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf

But now I cannot connect my Bluetooth headset. It appears in the Bluetooth settings of Gnome, but when I click on connect I see the loading logo and then it stops, and the ...

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Newbie - Having trouble installing USB WIFI adapter 20.04.3
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Final edit: Solution is linked above. However the "git clone" link has been updated to "" so use that in place.

I have an "QGOO" USB 3.0 dongle which is supposed to work on Linux. It came with a usb stick with drivers. The drivers are zipped in folders, one file of which is a .sh file which I'm reading is supposed to execute the correct commands to insta ...

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How to prevent real MAC address leakage
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Normally you cannot change the MAC address through network manager until after you've connected to a network and exposed your wifi card/devices real MAC address. How can I ensure that every card or usb adapter immediately gets issued a randomized or specific address the second I plug it in and never leaks the real address? I noticed that ubuntu doesn't randomize wireless network scans either.

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Dell Latitude 5521 WiFi not working on U20 LTS
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I bought 6 new Dell Latitude 5521, configuration : when i install Ubuntu 20LTS system doesn't detect WiFi card, I can only connect via Ethernet. When i install Ubuntu 21.10 it works normally. What can i do? I want to stay with LTS and not wait till U22.04LTS

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WIFI turns off after putting my laptop to sleep
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Whenever I put my laptop to sleep or put the screen down I can't connect to my WIFI anymore again. It simply doesn't turn on and doesn't show available networks. How could I fix this?

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Does WiFi hotspot in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop create a network that allows for filesharing?
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I have a laptop that I am trying to set up to act as a wireless Internet router and server for a collection of wireless devices, and I'm a bit stuck. I am using the WiFi hotspot capability built into Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop version, so therefore I am able to connect my wireless devices to the Internet with the SSID and password. I am able to edit the connection manually using Network Manager using the  ...

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Xbuntu 18.04.5 install need to add wireless capabilitiy
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I have an old eMachines desktop that was running Vista. I installed Xbuntu 18.04.5 after trying Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS and 21.10 neither would boot from the cd which I believe the machine does not have 64bit. The Xbuntu fired right up and the install was easy.

I then tried to access Network Manager which was not available so I am now trying to establish a wireless connection manually. I have a Dell W ...

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HP EliteBook 845 G8 Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Wifi not detected
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I have an HP EliteBook 845 G8 laptop and recently installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on it (Windows was previously installed). After installing Ubuntu I can connect to the Internet via Ethernet without any problem, but the laptop doesn't detect Wifi at all (no Wifi tab in Settings).

I can't add Additional Drivers even when I'm connected to the Internet:

Software & Updates: Additional Drivers

Software &a ...

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WPA3 Personal auth_alg value in journal
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my question is about WPA3 on 20.04 and the corresponding journal output for the NetworkManager.

When I connect to a WPA3 Personal network, I see the following lines:

key_mgmt sae ft-sae (which is ok)
auth_alg open

The part open confuses me, since the info I can find describes open only with the old WEP Nevertheless the wpa_supplicant.conf states that if auth_alg is not set, the default is OPEN with LEAP  ...