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xinput is a tool used to list any input devices, find out information about those devices and also change settings of any of those devices listed. Questions can cover xinput configuration and use itself and can also discuss input device configuration.
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How to disable the touchscreen in Ubuntu 21.04?
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I faced a problem after a couple of days that my malfunctioned touchscreen was on unexpectedly, despite setting MatchIsTouchscreen "off" at /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf

How to make it disabled just like Ubuntu 20 and the older versions?

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How to scroll only with the Trackpoint, without using the middle mouse button in Ubuntu 18.04?
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I have long been used to the keyboard and touchpad design, and the Trackpoint on my new laptop is pretty much useless due to my existing habits.

Is there a way to make the Trackpoint directly scroll without pressing the middle mouse button on Ubuntu 18.04.5?

I have tried searching online but with no results. xinput --list-props doesn't have such an option. I think I might need a script or some other ...

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Increase Scroll Speed Kensington Trackball
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I have a Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball I am using on Ubuntu. It was a 'plug-and-play' set up so everything is working as expected. Although, I did notice the scroll speed using the scroll ring is a little slow for my liking.

I looked into the xinput command and that looks simple enough, but my question is: Which one of these commands do I need to adjust to increase the speed of the scroll ring?

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Permanently disable point stick
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I have a faulty point stick on my old Dell latitude E6500 running Ubuntu 20.04. I have a temporary fix where I run xinput --disable *device id*, which works great but I have to run this every time I startup the computer.

I know I could use the Startup Applications to run the command every time the computer starts up but the issue with that is the device id always changes.

example when I run xinput

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How to disable middle button paste in Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS?
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I have installed Tweaks and turned Middle Click Paste off. That doesn't help.

I have also followed all of the recommendations in these posts:

How do I disable middle mouse button click paste?

However, I can't get it disabled. It's a very annoying behaviour, in my opinion, and I can't see why it's so hard to get rid of it. Seems like a huge bug.

$ xinput list
⎡ Virtual core pointer                     ...
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Keyboard with weird commands
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It happened before with other systems, and I even tested changing some parts of the input driver. The problem is: My system sometimes decide to mess with my keyboard and some keys stop working (and then start working again). The keys: z, x, c, v, m, right shift, enter, ,, . and ;. The capitalized versions of them are even worse to type in. I thought that my keyboard was broken, but then I tried to type: ...