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I am a researcher in Cryptology and Computation. I have been teaching in the EE department at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India for many years. I formulated foundational courses Introduction to Number Theory and Cryptography and Topics in Cryptology. The second course is especially focused on the theory of Boolean equations and Boolean approach to algebraic cryptanalysis. I have developed a parallel algorithm (which my students have implemented) for representing all solutions to Boolean systems of equations. Using this algorithm I have shown that the Bivium stream cipher can be broken in feasible time and memory space. I call this algorithm the Implicant based solver. The first version of the algorithm is available in the paper, Feb 17.

In a recent paper I have proposed an approach to solving the problem of local inversion of nonlinear maps in finite fields and its application to Cryptanalysis. This paper is announced as The paper shows that if the linear complexity of the sequence generated by iterations of a map F in n-variables over a finite field is of order O(n^k) the local inverse x of F(x)=y can be found in polynomial time. This gives rise to polynomial time breakable accidental encryptions.