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I read where someone said I must like to be private. It takes time for old newbies to find their way around. Had to ask how to update this profile because I couldn't find a link to do it. Been too busy trying to find what's causing Ubuntu to freeze on installation for two days and nights. I bought my first PC when IBM came out with the 8086 back in 1982. I have a BS degree in Information Systems. I"m retired. I enjoy C programming and writing html with CSS and JavaScript. Haven't done any Unix for 25 years. I"m still trying to install Ubuntu so I can see if I like it as well as all the good things I've read about it. I've ask the community and accidentally came across and followed the links a couple good people pointed me to with no positive results. Still haven't figured out how to find if anyone else has offered any suggestions. So far Ubuntu hasn't gotten past freezing at a blank purple-orange-rabbit screen. Found (outside of the Community) Disabling Fast Startup got it to send some visible commands to a DOS screen before it froze. That's as far as it and I've got. I suspect Microsoft's Windows 10 is the cause. Thanks for any help anyone can give to get me up and running. Then maybe I'll be able to gain some time and knowledge to help others. Rob