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How to get url path of media file (pdf) in node twig file?
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I Uploaded a pdf file using media library. Now i want to render file link in twig file. please help in this

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Adjust total price in commerce checkout
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I have a store setup with 2 products. Public and private tours. Public tours are 10 for each unit.

Private tours on the other hand are only meant to collect a deposit. I need the total to be $50 no matter the quantity selected and the rest is paid on site.

I tried creating a custom PromotionOffer as seen below. I can create the promotion but it doesn't seem to apply while in the cart/checkout. I eve ...

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Creating an instance of custom entity with entity reference field breaks entity collection page
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I created two custom entities, entity_one and entity_two. entity_one has a entity reference field that allows you to select unlimited instances of entity_twos. The edit form for entity_one seems to work fine. The field exists and properly auto populates with entity_twos. However as soon as I submit and create an entity_one the list page for entity_ones gives me the error.

Error: Call to a member functio ...

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How to group some exposed filters in a collapsible block
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I have a view with several exposed filters
The theme is based on bootstrap, so I'm looking for a way to group some of them within a collapsible or accordion block (Bootstrap example)

I'd like to avoid installing an extra module if possible.
Drupal version : 8 / 9

Thank you

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Custom Views Field Plugin
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I am creating a custom views field plugin, and I am having a huge amount of notices in the dblog that I cannot trace.

It's a simple views field plugin that just renders some content into a custom "non-db" field on the view.

Issue #1, is that in the view, the field is listed as just ':' (The field group and field name are not being displayed on the view).

Secondly, I am receiving these notices in the db ...

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Add SRI hash to existing CDN links
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I have a Drupal site where there are few CDN links. Iwas thinking of adding SRI hashes to those links.

How can I do that?

Every solution I tried requires to add a custom module, but I don't know how these things work.

Somehow, I managed to create a custom module which creates a Hello page. I just followed a tutorial. Can I add hashes in it?

name: SRI Hash
type: module
description: 'SRI  ...
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Change language code for existing languages
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My site has two existing languages with several pages of existing content. The language code for both are incorrect. I need to change the language code for English from en-gb to en-ca. Drupal UI doesn't seem to allow that (see below).

Drupal edit language

How can I change the language code for an existing language ?

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How to retrieve the geographical coordinates of a photo?
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I have the Geolacation and Media module.

I publish nodes with photos that contain geographic coordinates in the EXIF.

How to retrieve the geographical coordinates of a photo?

I want to display under each photo of my node, a "Go there" button to go to the exact place where the photo was taken. When the user clicks on the button, the device must offer to open the coordinates in a google maps for example  ...

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Filter date/time from date-range picker
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I have a content type with a Date-range field; the default output in the view gives me, for example, Saturday, June 4, 2022 - 16:30 - Saturday, June 4, 2022 - 19:00.

What I would like to show is Saturday, June 4, 2022, 4.30-7.00pm.

I figured out that, in View > Fields I should rewrite results and add a standard Twig filter like {{ field_event_date_time|date('M d, Y') }}, but I get no output from  ...

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Remove actions (edit button) with hook_views_pre_render()
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I am trying to hide/remove the edit button on a view, for few records using the following code.

function member_management_views_pre_render(ViewExecutable $view) {
  if ($view->id() == 'my_view_id') {
    if (mycondition) {
      foreach($view->field as $key => $value) {
        // $value->_entity->operations->setValue() = 0;
        // operations->field->handlers->displayh ...
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How do i list all child terms that share the same parent term? But on "child term" page?
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Let's say I have the following taxonomy (a 3-level hierarchy).

  • Acura
    • Integra
      • Hatchback 1991
      • Hatchback 1995
      • Hatchback 2000

If I am on the last term of this hierarchy, for example Hatchback 1991, how do I display all other specific models that belong to its parent (Hatchback 1995 and Hatchback 2000)?

Probably Taxonomy Term Siblings.

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Media Library results filtered by user
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I am working on a project that will be using 100's users and potentially thousands of users. The users will be required to upload at the very least 5 images and possibly some PDF files.

Created a content type, and added some Media fields, which works perfect for this project. The user files uploaded will be all public but the issue is that when the user goes to browse for their files all files fr ...

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Link in URL field to Media File
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Before the Update to the latest DruPal 8, we were able to link to public://foo/bar.pdf to a file which was in /sites/default/files/. No the public:// prefix does not work anymore in the URL input field.

We are still able to enter the full link, but this might have the downside that it needs to be updated when the file name changes.


We also tried /media/1337 but it shows a new page with the download ...

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Use path alias as contextual filter
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I have nodes in Drupal for News Articles that generates this automatic URL alias.


I also have a view for News nodes.


This is the data.


The problem is that I can't use Content: Path (url) or Content: Path (Path) as contextual filter.

sync/newslist/1234, where 1234 is node ID, works. I would like to pass the path or the URL to the contextual filter, so that sync/newslist/world-first-chart-alert ...

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Render a fulltext exposed search bar separate from the rest of the filters
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I would like to render my exposed fulltext search bar in a separate location from the rest of my search filters. My other exposed search filters are things like display number, sort order, etc... I am also using facets.

My current problem is that I need to render the search bar in a whole separate region from the rest of my exposed filters. My current solution is to render {{ exposed }} twice but then u ...

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Conditional JavaScript based on URL value
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I have a single form I need to insert twice in two pages by template. I have to put different values in the list selection field in the active page by the URL.

With a JavaScript field, I want to put the URL value in a conditional field.

How can I achieve this?

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routing for dynamic block for custom entity
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For a custom entity I have created several dynamic blocks. But the blocks are not displayed. They are placed in admin/structure/block. Below is an example of block 1.


  path: '/collection/{myentity}'
    _title: 'Stuff collection'
    _permission: 'access content'
    myentity: \d+
        typ ...
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check if a page has been redirected and then add a class to a certain div
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Im using the redirect module to redirect /page/scheduling to /page.

I need to check if the user arrived to a certain page by this redirect.

by checking this i will then add a class to a certain div.

How can I accomplish this?

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Debugging anonymous session regarding cookie specific page caching
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Have been following this guide to make caching depend on the value of a specific cookie:

However, it does not seem to work for anonymous users.

Debugging (xdebug) within both



is possible when logged in as admin and running "cache rebuild"  ...

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display paragraph field in a view
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I am trying to display my paragraph bundle fields in a view. is that possible?

I have a bundle that contains 2 fields with no input limit. I want to display one of the fields in a view. I added a relationship of type Paragraph to my view and then added the "field_Description" to the view fields. Unfortunately it didn't work.

enter image description here

view img

In more detail, I have a bundle A in bundle B, I want to target bundle  ...

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Programmatically create result row in views
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I have created a bunch of content types. Since I am using Drupal only for displaying results fetched from another service I was wondering if there is a way to display results in a view without actually having objects in the database?

For example, I get data from a certain endpoint and I want to display them in a table view. Is there a way to achieve that or would another approach be recommended?

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Basic Page - anchor link with id
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I'm trying to create an anchor link on a basic page back to the previous NON basic page to where the user came from.

I.e. <a class="btn" href="/dashboard">Back>/a> obviously works.

BUT <a class="btn" href="/startups/{{|startup_id}}/videos">Back</a> doesn't.

Any ideas as to how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

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How can I get a multivalue field correctly inserted?
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I have a custom module that creates a field type. It is a plain text field abd I've added it to a content type using the Drupal UI. The cardinality of this field is "Unlimited".

This is how I create the field in code:

class MyItem extends FieldItemBase {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public static function schema(FieldStorageDefinitionInterface $field_definition) {
    return [
      'columns ...
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How can we use \Drupal class inside Settings.php
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How can we use \Drupal class inside the Settings.php file so that we can load configurations etc? For example:

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Location of product attributes
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Probably field_data_field_attributes holds attributes data in SQL.

How can I relate this data with a specific product?

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How do I print an exposed filter block in a template file?
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I have a view with an exposed taxonomy filter. I configured it to be displayed as a separate block so that I can print it another twig template. I tried this.

 * Implements hook_preprocess_block() for block.html.twig.
 function themename_preprocess_block(array &$variables) {
   $variables['featured'] = views_embed_view('view_name', 'contextual_filter_block_machine_name');

Then I used

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Set no cache when generating dynamic local action via derivatives
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I'm trying to generate a dynamic local action via a derivative. The derivative works and returns a link generated dynamically but the cache seems to maintain its value.

As per this Drupal core change log, I understood I could set cache parameters on the derivative, which I tried but in vain so far - I'm not very familiar with these concepts yet so appreciate any guidance on how to prevent $gid from be ...

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How to group with charts module - Google library
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I use views to extract data from a webform and I want to graph articles vs quantities (600), I use the charts module with the google library (CDN), but something that should be extremely simple I can't get it to group the articles, there is not much to configure in the charts module. Does anyone know how to do it? enter image description here

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How do I test a CKEditor 5 text format field with Behat/Mink?
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Drupal 10 is switching from CKEditor 4 to 5.

So, I installed the experimental CKEditor 5 module and am attempting to update my Behat tests to use CKEditor 5.

I am using an @javascript test in Behat on CircleCI to check my Drupal 8 site.

The standard I fill in "my field" with "value" step fails for fields that use CKEditor. For example, for a long text field with the label Question, if I add a step:

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How to update taxonomy field with array of terms?
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I am having a body like this

    "userid": 435,

Where userid is the drupal user id. And I need to update field field_user_territory which is a taxonomy field. I do not want earlier territories to go instead I need to update with 2 more territories.

This is the code I tried.

foreach ($territories_id as $territory_id) {

            $user = \Drupal\user\E ...

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