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How to add Rabbit Hole to a custom content entity
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We use the module Rabbit Hole for nodes and terms. Now we would like to use it also for our custom content entities. I have tried to find some information, how to add the Rabbit Hole to a custom content entity. I have found some related information, but maybe there is some manual, which would be more specific.

I have found:

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Geofield map : add marker on click listener
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I've added a google map which I feed thanks to the Geofield module.

I'd like to add an onClick event to each marker to have a custom behavior.

this is what I've done this far :

  Drupal.behaviors.geofieldGoogleMapInteraction = {
    attach: function (context, settings) {
      if (context !== document) {

      // React on geofieldMapInit event.
      $(document).on('geofieldMapIn ...
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How to translate the layout builder blocks of a node programmatically?
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I am translating the nodes programmatically. Everything works fine except the layout builder blocks.

When I try to translate it, it also changes on the source node.

I have created a node in language en. Now I am translating it to nl. Here is my code.

if ($node->hasTranslation($language)) {
  $translated_entity =  $node->getTranslation($language);
else {
  $translated_entity =  $entity->a ...
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Import content in nodes with media:image fields using Migrate from csv source
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I try to import content from a .csv file into article nodes of a fresh D9 install using Migrate, Migrate Plus, Migrate Tools, Migrate csv source and Migrate File (extended)

My article content type has a field_article_media_image expecting a media image item.

When I run the migration, the articles are created correctly BUT the field_article_media_image is still empty. I see the image has been import ...

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URL aliases for non-translated content types revert to /es/node/nid in menu
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I have Content Translate enabled and enabled translation on only our Projects content type. I've placed the Language switcher block on a Projects view and Project node page. This is working just fine.

My problem is, if I use the Language switcher on the Projects view for Project page, then click a link in the main menu to a pieces of non-Project content, the path has changed to /es/node/1 when it should ...

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How can I create a notification entity with Rules module
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I have installed a notification system and I want to create notifications with Rules when a project content is updated to waiting for approval status.

The rule looks like this:

uuid: 3165768f-15f5-4c35-a7e6-3f862b526f10
langcode: en
status: true
dependencies: {  }
id: project_updated
label: 'Project updated'
    event_name: 'rules_entity_update:node--project'
description: ''
tags: {  }
con ...
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Getting 403 randomly on files
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I have a react-native app that authenticates with Drupal via oAuth2 (simple_oauth, openidconnect) and do not use cookies. I use my access token for all rest calls, images and other files. Very randomly and consistently, the response for the files are html - the login form to be precise. Not all files but some of them and randomly. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't. If I logout and login again, it w ...

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How can I retain the destination parameter when a user registers a new account with email verification?
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This is for a Drupal 9 website.

How can we retain the destination after a user registers a new account that requires email verification?

Example workflow:

User clicks to create a new node but does not have permissions.

They are present with the registration page where the destination parameter is set from the previous content/add URL.

They fill in and submit the form and are instructed to check the ...

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Need help with AJAX calls within Drupal.behaviors
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I'm having some issues getting the following code to work correctly:

(function($) {
'use strict';
Drupal.behaviors.mybehavior = {
    attach: function(context, settings) {

        // Click on a placeholder image, this should open a form and then
        // replace the image with a video resource (gated content)
        $(document).once('abc').on('click', '.image_class', function() {
            va ...
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Content and content type fields intermittently disappear after cache rebuild
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I have an issue on a Drupal 9 website where sometimes (but not every time), if I run drush cr the content of pages disappears (the header and footer are all that remain), and in Structure > Content Types all of the fields are missing from the page content type.

A second cache rebuild, or even a standard Drupal cache clear, always solves the problem.

I don't want to go into production until this ...

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Creating twig files for the a view
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Hi there I'm new to Drupal. I have made a test project, where I've made a custom content-type called 'persons' it has a couple of values. And I made it able to custom style it by making a twig file called 'node--persons.html.twig'. Now I have built a listing view, where I loop through all the 'persons'. It's called 'People view' But I can't get it to work to make a working twig file that is able to prop ...

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Webform handler to manage number of places available
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I want to manage a webform to automatically close it if number of people reached, or to invalid submission if not enough places are available.

I have use this : Close a webform when total seats reach a maximum to try to make a handler

here is my code :

namespace Drupal\webform_reservations\Plugin\WebformHandler;

use Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface;
use Drupal\webform\Plugin\WebformHandlerBas ...
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Disable form element depending on media image dimensions
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I have paragraph that contains one media image field and one checkbox field. What I need is to disable that checkbox if selected image media is less then X pixels wide. So it should work when paragraph is opened for editing and also react if image is changed during paragraph editing. How can I achieve that? Is there some event which reacts on media image being changed that can be attached to form?

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Get all entity reference options from a field name
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I would like to create a node programatically and one field field_supervisors has an entity reference field for the node type People.

In order to set the correct entity reference information I need to set:

  ["target_id" => 1],
  ["target_id" => 2],
  // etc..

How can I get the individual id of the entity reference from the field_supervisors. Do I really need to look up the node People

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The "node" parameter was not converted for the path "/node/{node}"
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I have the following error in the filters with parameters in view type pages. will there be any solution to this problem?

Drupal\Core\ParamConverter\ParamNotConvertedException: The "node" parameter was not converted for the path "/node/{node}" (route name: "entity.node.canonical") in Drupal\Core\ParamConverter\ParamConverterManager->convert() (line 104 of /var/www/html/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/P ...
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How to display all data from a paragraph field in views (Drupal 7)
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I am currently a caretaker for a Drupal 7 website and I can't figure out how to group paragraph items in views. I have created a content type Products and one of the fields is called product variation which is field type paragraphs. I have created a paragraph bundle for that field.

Then I created a view to show the products on the front page. To display the paragraph fields I created a content re ...

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Drupal7 Views relationship multi value custom column
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Im using Drupal7 and views, views relationship

Im displaying the results in table format with the help of view along with other custom tables as well as by using views relationship.

I need a help in below issue:

I have a custom table: employee

Columns: nid, uid, role

nid uid role
100 4 manager
100 5 dept-manager
100 6 assistant
100 7 manager2

In the table format of the view, I need  ...

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How to get the base URL of a site in Queue API?
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I am trying to get the base url of the drupal 8 website in a queue process but I am getting http://default as the base url. What am I missing here?

  public function testUrl() {
    global $base_url;
    $host = \Drupal::request()->getSchemeAndHttpHost();
    var_dump($host); // output - http://default
    $host2 = \Drupal::request()->getHost();
    var_dump($host2);  ...
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Webform 6.1.0 help text not showing
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I updated my webform Module from 5.3.0 to 6.1.0,

I have one the Following Error: the help text isn't displaying its content on any form on my site (Example of help icon in the shared image) help icon

It should return the following when i do the mouseover: wanted result

I tried:

  • searching on google: no clear solution
  • changing the css and js file persmissions to 777
  • looked into my console: no return when i do mouseover o ...
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Migration away from Open Atrium
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We have an intranet site running on Open Atrium (A product which has not been supported or updated in some time) and would like to migrate to a Vanilla Drupal install on either 8 or 9.

We do not use any custom code (we do use a few additional modules, which as far as I can tell are supported in at least 8.x).

Is there an accepted method for doing this?

I have tried disabling all the OA modules and then ...

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Attempting to return region in theme suggestions for the book module book tree block
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Editing question based on information from @NoSssweat

The book module uses the same hook for the book tree block and the rendered index view in the book page.

I have used the below code to return file name suggestions, so that I can override the html output for the book tree block in a specific region - "sidebar-first". I expected the below code would spit out something like book-tree--book-toc-180--sid ...

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View injecting weird html elements (b element)
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I've noticed recently that, in a drupal website I'm maintaining, a view displaying a list of content type called Event, has some weird html elements injected. This messed up the layout and I'm not sure what caused it.

The element injected is <b data-stringify-type="bold">, which is placed inside the views-row element.

I'm wondering, is someone of you already encountered this? I haven't found a way ...

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Node access based on the user reference field
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I have a content type that is used for temporary access. The node is created and has an expiration date; it's deleted after that date. On this node there is a user reference field; only the users added to this field should have access to viewing this node. I can't find a hook to handle this access. In Drupal 7 I used hook_node_access(), but it doesn't seem to exist for Drupal 9.

The only information I'm ...

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How to alter Layout Builder block visiblity?
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Is there a hook to alter block access for blocks placed using Layout Builder? I see there is hook_block_access; but sadly this is not triggered when the block is placed using Layout Builder.

There is also work going on here: to allow standard block visibility settings to be made available to Layout Builder blocks; but this only all ...

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Bulk assign content to Book
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I've decided to reorganize my site to use the book module. How do I bulk move specific content types to be children of a book?

Bulk Update Fields doesn't include the Book meta data, so I am unable to update that way.

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Warning when repeating migrate:import process
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I created source and data process plugins for mongo db. And when I run import for the first time it works well. But if I run it again, immediately after that I get warning:

[warning] Could not load the following items on index Content index: "entity:node/104:en", "entity:node/105:en", "entity:node/106:en", "entity:node/107:en", "entity:node/108:en".

Where those are the ids of previously imported nodes ...

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How get the view mode\third_party_settings of a field inside hook_preprocess_image_formatter(&$variables)
br flag

I'm on D9.

I've added a custom option to the image field formatter following Drupal guidelines

In the preprocess of the field I can get the settings I've created:

function my_module_preprocess_field(&$variables) {
  if ($variables["element"]["#formatter"] === 'image') {
    $entity = $variables['element']['#object'];
    $view_mode = $variables['element']['#view_mode'];
    $field_name = $variables[' ...
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how to import 3 xml selectors in one drupal field using the migrate plus module?
za flag

the migrate_plus migration conf i had so far was

  title: title
  body: job_description
  field_job_diffusion: offer_type
  field_job_statut: statut
  field_job_domaine: domaine
  field_job_campus: campus
  field_job_niveau_etudes: study_level
  field_job_emailapi: application_email

It works for single XML selector to single field mapping and migration. I need now to get the value from 3 ...

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How can one programmatically get the bundle constraint for an entity reference field?
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I'm working in the context of a Views plugin. I have $entity_type and $field, as required in the snippet below. How can I get the bundle constraint for the entity reference field programmatically?

/** @var Drupal\field\Entity\FieldStorageConfig $field_configuration */
$field_configuration = FieldStorageConfig::loadByName($entity_type, $field);

$field_configuration->getType() gives me "entity_referen ...

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How to create a view that lists all taxonomy terms of a vocabulary, filtered by a term id?
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I have a lot of different vocabularies. On The taxonomy page (the standard view provided) I would like to add a block (view) that takes the current taxonomy id from the url/page and displays all taxonomy terms belonging to the same vocabulary. I tried adding a contextual filter, but when I choose term id from url, the view only shows one term, but I would like to show all terms of the vocabulary the ter ...

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