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Why my custom module configuration are not getting created on module install?
sj flag

I have created one custom module with config/install folder. This install folder contain content type yml. Basically on install of custom module new content type should be created. When I use drush en my_custom_module, all configuration are getting imported successfully. But when I do drush cim only module is installed but configuration(mycustommodule/config/install) are missing. Do we need to do any ch ...

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DNS Records - CNAME
se flag

Quite newbie, so sorry any unconnected data. I am creating a DKIM and SPF records to emulate DMARC as a workaround. An external vendor of us, want to send emails under our domain using a subdomain.

I have configured my TXT records as:

TXT     v=spf1 -all

TXT     "k=rsa; p=random_value"

Should I create two CNAMEs records for them right? ...

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Problems after Ubuntu Install on late 2009 iMac - four greyed-out Ubuntu desktops on one screen
mn flag

For the last two weeks I have been trying to install Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS. The problem I have is always identical: the installation goes perfectly (see 1st picture) until the restart time. After successfully installing I get the black screen on loading (see 2nd pic) and then it immediately goes to four greyed out desktops (see 3rd pic)

What I have attempted so far: 1. I have pressed e at the instal ...

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packages can't be installed because of dependencies problem
tn flag

I have Ubuntu 22.04 installed. After adding debian bullseye to the source.list there are some updates that i cant install:

enter image description here

If i try to install them, there are error msg because there are dependencies(python3.10.6.1 already installed on the system):

The following packages have violated dependencies: python3-systemd : Depends on: python3 (< 3.10) but 3.10.6-1~22.04 is installed

I tried to ins ...

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Systemd: why are files in /tmp or /run deleted after a few seconds?
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I am using systemd to mount a Windows share using Kerberos. To make this work, I first run kinit in a .service file to create a Kerberos credential cache (ccache). The .service runs as root as the ccache needs to be owned by root (journalctl -xe helped me with that), as mount.cifs requires root. The .mount (and .automount) use the ccache to do the Kerberized mount. When I create the ccache interac ...

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How to diagnose or rule out an Nvidia driver issue?
eg flag

I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 and I'm getting freezes, which don't happen on Windows. The mouse stops moving and the PC becomes completely unresponsive. ALT + Print Screen + REISUB doesn't work either.

I'm having one more issue, only in Ubuntu - the display flickers. The only thing that fixes it is turning off dithering in the Nvidia driver, but that reduces the picture quality too much for my taste.

The ...

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Format telephone numbers for values
us flag

I have created a webform with telephone field, the submitted data is displayed in a views table, however the numbers in submitted data are in random format such as 1234567890, 234-987-9870, how do I configure the number field in views to be displayed in (123) 123 1234 format for the existing values and new submission.

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MAAS 2.9: KVM VMs not booting, how to add them to the "bond0"?
in flag

I just set up a system with MAAS 2.9. I have several servers with the following network config: Network

I deployed them as KVM hosts.

When I now try to add a VM to one host, it never boots, it gets stuck on PXE: Stuck

When I ssh into the host, this is what ifconfig -a gives me:

bond0: flags=5187<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MASTER,MULTICAST>  mtu 1500
        ether REDACTED  txqueuelen 1000  (Ethernet)
        RX  ...
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Dual-installation leads to a Windows disk with 1.4MB free space. Is this related to GRUB?
de flag

Dual-installation leads to a Windows disk with 1.4MB free space. Is this related to GRUB? Or the Disks app?

enter image description here

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Fix "sudo apt --fix-broken install" "sudo apt remove libc6:amd64" "sudo dpkg --configure -a" and can not delete packages in Ubuntu20.04
ye flag

CONCLUSION: Thank you all who helped me in this problem. Now I have tried nearly all related methods but still can not figure it out.

So I plan to reinstall the whole system.

P.S. NEVER STOP a processing program, or you will have the same problem with me.


I actually tried many many methods but still not figure it out. Anyone can help me?

My system is Ubuntu 20.04, when I run the code below

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Search API Facets: Filtered Results to Map (Leaflet) Shows No Updates to Views Page
ky flag

When using post search results via a Search API Facets for node data, the initial results are displayed as a map content type (Leaflet) but when filtering down to further fields, the results page shows empty (or as set to visitor/location as set in Leaflet style settings in the corresponding View). Ajax is set in Views options. The Facets, Views pane are set within a Panel Page. The paths show initial c ...

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how to configure ubuntu 22.04 clients with synology dns server
de flag

I've got the latest Synology and several Ubuntu 22.04 (fully updated) but empty.

  • installed Synology's own DNS server: example.local
  • installed Synology's own DHCP server.

The client do get an IP of the DHCP range I dedicated for them. Nice. But they do not get the domain options delivered so that I could resolve the FQDN with hostname -f. It simply shows the hostname that I've set in the client' ...

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AppImage and some related things don't run
kw flag

When trying to run QGroundControl.AppImage, we encounter some files not readable and It does not work. Ubuntu has arm64 and we suspect the issue is with arm64. We tried to run it via terminal but it does not change.Other two files are empty when opened

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Garbled text in GUI
gm flag

This is what I see in some places on my Ubuntu 22.04 with Wayland and GNOME in a VirtualBox VM:

VS Code with weird characters

It's particularly bad in VS Code: the dialog window (which is supposed to be about settings sync) and the main window's title bar are totally garbled.

What causes this? And how to fix it?

EDIT: It's not just a problem with VS Code. This window's title should (probably) say "Report a problem…". There are tw ...

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Add unmanaged bridge to Docker
mr flag

I am setting up a server with Docker and LXD. I have a real network with several vlans which I want to have bridges to, that can be shared between Docker and LXD. This was relatively easy with LXD, but Docker is like that annoying girlfriend wanting to control everything, so I am having difficulty getting it to play nice.

Here are the netplan configuration:

  version: 2

    enp5 ...
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Improve performance migration
br flag

I have a custom migration like this


namespace Drupal\my_import\Plugin\migrate\source;

use Drupal\migrate\Plugin\MigrationInterface;
use Drupal\migrate\Row;
use Drupal\migrate_source_csv\Plugin\migrate\source\CSV;

 * Extend CSV source.
 * @MigrateSource(
 *   id = "my_source_csv",
 *   source_module = "my_import"
 * )
class MySourceCSV extends CSV {

   * {@inheritdoc}
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SSH linux root user has clipboard access but I cannot access clipboard with user I created
tw flag

I am using linux for the first time in my life. I bought a dedicated server and installed the Ubuntu 20.04 desktop LTS distribution in it. local system is windows. I created a user in linux and I added it to the sudo group. While I can paste something I copied from windows to the terminal or mousepad in the root user, I cannot do this in the other user I created.

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Eva4684 avatar
Prevent SSH lockout due to file permissions
ps flag

I followed the common practice to only allow public key login with SSH into Debian, then somehow I accidentally changed the permission of ~/.ssh/ folder (I think it got owned by root), after that openSSH refused to log me in! (and server was in a different country, with no remote/KVM console)

I find this setup quite fragile. Is there a way to prevent this, and maybe just give me a warning on next ...

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Unable to ping Ubuntu connected to Ethernet
ru flag

I was having trouble pinging my Ubuntu host through a router so I removed the router and connecting directly via ethernet. Internet is working.

I have disabled the Ubuntu firewall. Still cant ping my public IP address from a different network.

Here are some output settings:

sudo lshw -C network:

       description: Ethernet interface
       product: RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Expr ...
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mavavilj avatar
GRUB works differently depending on whether one boots from sda or sdb?
de flag


Two HDDs. Named sda and sdb.

Original situation:

Ubuntu on sda. The other disk (sdb) is empty.

Due to GRUB inferring some boot sector as containing Windows 10, then my GRUB window shows Ubuntu and Windows (on /dev/sda1). See earlier discussion:

Weird small Windows 10 partition on my Ubuntu disc. What is it?

New Situation:

Now I installed Windows 10 on the second HDD (sdb). I also h ...

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How can I add a directory to my path and add a command to .bashrc? I am working with Supernova-2.1.1 of 10X Genomics
cy flag

I would like to add a directory to my path, in my IBM server running Ubuntu 22.04. I would like to install the genome assembly software, SuperNova-2.1.1 by 10x genomics. In order to start using their supernova command, I must add the directory to my path. The path was added using the following command:

export PATH=/opt/supernova-2.1.1:$PATH

They have also suggested adding the path to .bashrc, wh ...

Score: 1
Adriano Peluso avatar
Signing Virtualbox modules with EFI Secure Boot enabled
is flag

I have a system (22.04.1 LTS) with an Nvidia card and with EFI secure boot enabled.

Virtualbox refuses to run a VM and claims that "if the system has EFI Secure Boot enabled you may also need to sign the kernel modules (vboxdrv, vboxnetflt, vboxnetapd, vboxpci)"


"VERR_VM_DRIVER not installed"

How do I sign those modules?

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jnd avatar
Setting ACL on OpenLDAP server
zw flag

I did setup OpenLDAP server, but I need to implement ACL. I'm not linux admin and I'm not even sure if what I'm trying to achieve is possible.

I have 3 groups. These has users which are posixAccount and inetOrgPerson object classes. I want admin users to be able to edit everybody, users from group "B" be able to edit only users from group "C" and users from group "C" will not have access at all.  ...

Score: 1
Include matching rspamd rules in mail headers
in flag

Spamassassin has a feature to include the matching rules in the headers of mails flagged as spam, so one can see why the mail was classified as spam and possibly adjust or create mailbox filters that match in specific rules.

Can I configure rspamd to add a similar header? It doesn't have to match the spamassassin format, it just should contain the matching rules and possibly the scores generated  ...

Score: 0
Orlando avatar
NGINX: Return CORS headers when request method is OPTIONS and file exists, otherwise pass to PHP-FPM
cn flag

I have an NGINX with a PHP-FPM instance behind it. OPTIONS requests for paths for which a file exists in the file system should be handled by NGINX. For those requests, NGINX should return Access-Control-* CORS headers. OPTIONS requests for which no file exists should be passed to PHP-FPM.

The logic should be something along those lines:

    location / {
        # In this case: Check if file exists
Score: 0
Chris McKenna avatar
How to change kolourpaint icon theme in Xubuntu
vn flag

Following the instructions in Kolourpaint missing all icons on Ubuntu 20.10 after upgrading to Xubuntu 22.04.1 I do now have icons in kolourpaint, but they are the Breeze theme which I actively dislike (monochromatic, flat and unintuitive). How do I change it to use elementary, oxygen or indeed any of the other actually usable icon themes?

Menu-Settings-Appearance says I'm using elementary-xfce-darke ...

Score: 0
anonymousnerd avatar
Installing RTL8811CU WiFi drivers without internet
US flag

I have a desktop with Ubuntu. I have purchased a wifi adaptor which came with its drivers. Could you please help me install the drivers? I can see there is a shell script that I don't know how to run them. Please note that I don't have an internet connection to this device. It would have been much easier if I did. I have attached herewith the files that I have in the driver folder. Please let me know if ...

Score: -2
Alix Blaine avatar
Server with scalability for real-time collaboration and editing
eu flag

I am here, to ask for absolute input. I have setup a local Apache Server with PHP 7.2 (currently), I am aware newer PHP exists. I know PHP and Python, I also know Node.js (server/back-end).

With Node.js, I can get most of the packages through npm command line. I been reading, Node.js vs. PHP and it all depends on what you are going to develop. In addition, I know that Golang programming can also b ...

Score: 2
Gremlin avatar
Wifi adapter suddenly disappeared in Ubuntu 22.04.02 LTS
au flag

First of all, I'm not an experienced user so please be as clear as possible in all answers. I recently installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a new HP Victus laptop (This one except with Intel Core i7-12700H and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti). The wifi was working fine. I was not messing with any settings, it just suddenly disconnected and now it says "no wifi adapter found" in settings. I have already tried some solution ...

Score: 0
Alle Tarun avatar
In ubuntu 22.04 custom kernels not booting up on dell Pc
ec flag

I have did kernel compilation and tried to bootup the system with customised kernel in Dell pc but it is not coming up.

Solutions tried

  1. Disable secure BIOS.
  2. Updated Grub parameters.
  3. Updated the BIOS.

The Stunning Power of Questions

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