certificate authority

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hi guys, is there a pseudonym in the certificate ? , I read papers that use the certificate authority, and between the components of the certificate, there is a pseudonym.

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Do you mean X.509 certificates as used in TLS, SSH certificates, or one of the other less common sorts of certificate? They're all different. The universal thing is that they bind a name of some sort (person's name, company name, domain name, email address, pseudonym, etc) to a public key.
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I think this is mainly something that PGP certificates are concerned about. Is this about PGP?
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yes I mean x.509, can i use th PGP certificate for the communication in the ad hoc network????
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If you have a question about a specific paper, it's helpful to include a link to it.
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Maybe "SubjectAlternativeName" could be a "pseudonym"?

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