Where can I find the source of the Coppersmith method univariate in C with GMP library?

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Could someone please tell me where I can find the source code of the Coppersmith method univariate written in C with the GMP library?

to be fair I will explain how I will use it for factoring


Let's take the example N=1763 of Factorization nr 88 Part I

$P=27*b+1$ ; $p=65-8*b$

$Q=25*a+11$ ; $q=67-8*a$


We find the integer delta $D$ of $x*p+p^2$




A partial factorization of $451328$ that is $8$ is the biggest problem with my approach

we replace $D$




$55344+729*x=64*y$ $->$ $x=16$

$11964681+729*x=64*y$ $->$ $x=15$

$[64/64*a^2+(((55344+16*729)/64) mod (729))*a+(((11964681+15*729)/64) mod (729))] mod (729) = 0$

$(a^2+318*a+495) mod (729) = 0$

Applying the Coppersmith univariate method

$->$ $a=3$ $->$ $q=43$

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@kelalaka not RSA attack
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Ah, I see., no easy to convert to C/GNU/GMP. May be you can benefit from [NTL]( on your progress.
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@kelalaka thank you! I will try to learn over the years

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