Get issuerNameHash and issuerKeyHash of x509

th flag

I need to get the following out of x509 CA certificates:

  • the Hash of the DER encoded public key (excluding tag and length) of the subject public key field
  • the hash of the issuers distinguished name, that must be calculated over the DER encoding of the issuer's name field

I tried to use X509_issuer_name_hash and X509_pubkey_digest , but apparently they return not the results that I expect.

This question and the answers posted is close to what I look for: How can I get issuerNameHash and issuerKeyHash from PEM or DER certificates? but I would like to have an explanation on how to do this in C++ and OpenSSL.

UPDATE: X509_pubkey_digest is exactly what i needed, I just made a mistake converting to hexstring. The hash of the issuer's distinguished name is still open though.


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