Which encryption algorithm should I use for encrypting a string

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I have a very important string it's of around 20-40 words. I want to encrypt this string and store it online . Which encryption algorithm will be useful for me.

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I recommend the Age encryption tool. It uses a strong authenticated encryption algorithm internally (ChaCha20-Poly1305), with strong key derivation (HKDF-SHA256), good format construction to avoid attacks, a versioned authenticated header, etc. There are many concerns when encrypting beyond just what algorithm to use, a strong algorithm can be programed incompetently and result in no security (e.g. due to timing vulnerabilities).

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This is assuming they want a tool rather than coding some sort of personal project, and the design of age can be criticised in several ways. However, I agree it's a good general recommendation compared to GPG.
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Given the "very important" phrasing, I'd recommend they use a tool. If they want to program something, libsodium's easy box functions are a good start.
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thanks wanted something like this
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