Change booking end-date in iCal Feeds import

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I have an D9 site for a villa that can be rented. To show availability, I import the iCal calendar of bookings from a booking site, using the Feeds and Feeds iCal modules (the last one I updated the .info so it works in D9).

The import works fine, it collects the .ics file at regular intervals, turns each into a node, and I display all booking-nodes through Fullcalendar View. So far brilliant.

The bookings are displayed technically correct, from 00:00 midnight at the start of the first booked day until 00:00 at the end of the last booked day.

However, as this concerns overnight bookings, people are allowed to stay until the next morning, in availability calendars usually shown by a 'triangle' covering half that day.

Is there any way to change the end date given in the iCal file to the next day, on import (a module or hook or rule), or maybe in views where the fullcalendar is created from the booking nodes? All advice would be very much appreciated!


Notes: Drupal used to have an availability calendar which did this perfectly, but that wasn't ported to D8 nor 9. Similarly the rooms module is not compatible, and the vastly complicated BAT project can't be fully used in D9. I also looked at the Feeds Tamper module but that doesn't seem to allow changes to the dates imported.


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