What are the steps for rebasing an issue fork of core to the latest code plus 'patch'?

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It appears the current version of Drupal outside the issue fork needs to be added as a remote repository, but i'm getting tripped up on creating it as a branch i can rebase against.

Hoping the answer to this is a link to documentation, but does not mention the issue fork workflow.

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This seems to do it, where '3029545' is the issue number which is forked, these steps are presumed to have happened first:

git clone [email protected]:issue/drupal-3029545.git
cd drupal-3029545

And now rebasing on most recent Drupal core:

git checkout 3029545-add-route-exists # check out the branch in development
git remote add drupal [email protected]:project/drupal.git
git fetch drupal
git rebase drupal/9.2.x # current core branch

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