How do I switch user account in drush to test permissions?

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I'm playing around with the D9 Groups module and I want to test the access control in drush, either using drush php or writing a script and using drush scr.

In drush 8 I would always use drush -u to run as a specific user but that option seems to have disappeared in drush 10.

What's the easiest way to either run drush as a specific user or switch the user in drush php or a script?

Edit: I'm working around this by making calls to json:api endpoints instead but it would still be nice to validate this in drush.

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I know you're asking for Drush but it's worth noting that the Devel module provides a block for switching users, which can be useful in a local dev environment.
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Yeah testing in browser is fine, but I specifically need to test at the cli or api level.
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Hi In your test you could use account switcher service @ core/lib/Drupal/Core/Session/AccountSwitcherInterface.php

For example,

// You can switch to any type of account here.
$this->accountSwitcher->switchTo(new UserSession(['uid' => 1]));

// Using try-catch-finally we make sure we be never leave it by accident.
try {
  // Whatever you want to test
catch (\Exception $e) {
} finally {
  // Making sure we always switch back. Very important if you using u1.

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