Search API views is displaying empty pages

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My search page is displaying results. The pager is displaying. But the first 15 pages display no results and then on the 16th page, I can see the content.

I have deleted all the data from the index, and re-index the data again but no effect. Can anyone tell me why the first 15 pages are empty? and how can I fix it?

When I print the results in hook_search_api_results_alter, it is something like this

"1wucgy--entity:node/2011:nl" => Drupal\search_api\Item\Item

When I go to the page where some content is displaying, The results are like this. enter image description here

So the nodes with 1wucgy-- are not displaying and the nodes without that hash are displaying.

So on the first 15 pages, all the nodes are prefixed with 1wucgy-- and that is why those pages are empty.

Is there any way to exclude these types of nodes from the results?

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Basically this means items returned from Solr don't exist in the local Drupal database and cannot be loaded. You need to filter items by site hash / site id if you are indexing multiple sources.
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How can I filter them?

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