How to make the private image accessible with image style?

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I have a private image with this URL.

An image style is created for the above image on location

The problem is when I display the original image, it works fine. But when I display the image with style, the image is not displaying and in the console, I get 404.

When I try to access the original image through the browser, I can access the image. But when I try to access the image with style in the browser, I get the The requested page could not be found.

I can confirm the image is present in the specified location. But don't know what is the issue.

Can anyone tell what can be the issue?

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I found the solution.

Actually, the problem is that the image style URLs need an ITOK at the end of the URL.

So for that, I used the buildUrl function from the image style.

$image_style_url = $image_style->buildUrl($original_image_uri);

Now this gives a URL like this

And now with that URL, I can access the image with an image style.

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