How do I omit webforms submission number (serial) from results?

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We have webforms that use Webform Entity Print (PDF) Attachment. These PDFs have Submission number show up right after form's headline. How do I hide this number so it doesn't show up in the results?

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I'm new to Drupal and downvoting doesn't make me feel very welcome. Some need to get off their high horse.
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Welcome to Drupal Answers! :) Just in case you haven't seen it yet, it's worth to read [How do I ask a good question?]( in the [Help Center]( There are a ton of good tips in it that will improve your chances of getting high quality answers.
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In Submission General Settings area in "Submissions label" enter available token of your choice from "next submission number" area. For example adding [webform_submission:submitted-to]: [current-date:site_short_format] to Submission label will show webform's title and date in the results. enter image description here


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