Read view field value in VBO action

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I have a view grid that has custom actions to perform based on selected grid row. To read the view fields from the grid dpm-ed the below command:


The above command returns:

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I am trying to specifically read the "field_comment_id_comment_field_data_nid" and I get null every time:


Update: I modified the dpm and I see the value correctly. Unsure of how to loop through the result array. still trying.

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`ResultRow` doesn’t have a `get` method. The output says `field_comment_id_comment_field_data_nid` is a public property of the object so you can access it directly
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I tried the below code: dpm($this->view->result->field_comment_id_comment_field_data_nid->Value) to read the value directly and I get null
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You need to pay a bit more attention to the debug output - `$this->view->result` is an array
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can i get some more help? I'm still seeing null on my end :( newbie here..
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Alright. Below solution works:

foreach($this->view->result as $result)

thanks @clive for pointing on the array thing.


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