Installing console with php 8

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I'm trying to install Drupal Console into a Drupal 9 installation, and get a php compatibility error:

% composer require drupal/console \
--prefer-dist \
--optimize-autoloader \
--sort-packages \

drupal/console[v1.9.0, ..., 1.9.4] require php ^5.5.9 || ^7.0 -> your php version (8.0.8) does not satisfy that requirement.

Is Console compatible with Drupal 8? Is there a workaround?

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What are you using console for these days? Last I heard (a while ago) it was obsolete
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AFAIK Drush 10+ does just about everything.
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Yeah since the generate commands got moved into drush I'm not sure there's a lot of use for console these days (I never used it that much so could be wrong there)
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Also, Drupal 8 is end of life as of November 2021.
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Thanks for the suggestions - I agree drush is quite powerful and probably don't need console. I just wanted to check it out a lot documentation suggest(ed) using it.

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