Title field returning ' where apostrophe should be?

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I have a series of fields on a View. For some reason, any node title field with an apostrophe in it is being returned to my endpoint as Jen's Cupcake Store instead of Jenn's Cupcake Store.

Any idea how I can fix this? Been at it for a few days now and I can't seem to find a single solid solution. Help is appreciated!

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The string has been passed through htmlspecialchars, which is what Twig does to escape HTML: ``` php > echo htmlspecialchars("Jenn's Cupcake Store"); Jenn's Cupcake Store ```
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This is done on purpose, otherwise a value returned from an endpoint would have apostrophes, breaking the response. Each programming language should have a function for decoding HTML entities. Decode the value on the receiving end, as its properly encoded for transport.

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