Unable to add newly created term to the node

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I want to add new taxonomy term to group of nodes that have specific terms already.

To retrive them I use this function

function getNodesByTaxonomyTermIds($termIds){
    $termIds = (array) $termIds;
      return NULL;
    $query = \Drupal::database()->select('taxonomy_index', 'ti');
    $query->fields('ti', array('nid'));
    $query->condition('ti.tid', $termIds, 'IN');
    $result = $query->execute();
    if($nodeIds = $result->fetchCol()){
      return Node::loadMultiple($nodeIds);
    return NULL;

then in foreach loop I'm adding im adding them to new term based on their creation date but adding does not work.

Here is my field structure:

Field structure

Firstly I tried all of those:

$node->set('field_news_categories', ['target_id' => $termID])
$node->set('field_news_categories', $termID)
$node->set('field_news_categories', array($termID))
$node->field_news_categories->setValue(['target_id' => $termID])

none worked so I thought maybe I should pass whole field with exact same structure, so I wanted to get field and just append the id and then pass it as argument in set method, but I wasn't able to get field either. All I was receving were null values or empty arrays. I tried:


Project is in drupal 9

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I'll ask the obvious - are you saving the node?
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To append an entity reference item use:

$node->field_foo[] = ['target_id' => 123];

And as Kevin noted in the comments, make sure you save the entity.


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