"Items in your active configuration have changes"

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I'm trying to setup configuration management for our team, so i test the workflow on my local machine:

Starting from a fresh copy of our website + database backup, with an empty /config folder ($settings['config_sync_directory'] = '../config';). When i use the command "drush config:export", the task runs and all the .yml files are generated in the /config folder. I then change the websites name (, just as a simple test.

Then, when visiting the configuration management UI in drupal, i would expect to see only 1 change. And indeed that is the case but i also see a huge list (all config) of untouched settings and the warning "The following items in your active configuration have changes since the last import that may be lost on the next import"

If i just exported all my config, did 1 change, then why is it saying that i have changes in my db that don't match with .yml files in the /config folder?

However, if i first click on 'import all', do the 1 change, revisit the configuration management UI, then i also get the warning but only with the 1 change.

So why is that?

enter image description here enter image description here

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Init git, track changes exactly. Probably just sorting. What happens when you re-export again, then change site name again?
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It could be because of configuration sorting.


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