Use a different twig media template if it is being rendered inside a WYIWYG

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I have a twig template for a media entity that I wish to be able to embed into a WYIWYG. I am able to, however the entity has issues rendering when inside the ckeditor that aren't present when rendered on an actual page. I want to either use a different template or use some variable that detects whether the media is in an edit mode.

Is there a twig variable like {{ inEditor }} or is there a template I could use specific to wyiwygs like media--remote-video--WYIWYG.html.twig ?

When viewing the element in a preprocess function I do see there is a 'view_mode' variable but that's always set to default.

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May be easier to allow someone to select the view mode of the media being inserted, then you can provide a twig file for each one.
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You could check for the route name media.filter.preview:

if (\Drupal::routeMatch()->getRouteName() === 'media.filter.preview') {
  // media is rendered inside CKEditor
  $variables['inEditor'] = TRUE;
// add cache context
$variables['#cache']['contexts'][] = '';
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Which preprocess hook could I use this in?
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