Results from "end date" in date range excluded from Views results

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I have a view of Commerce orders, and I need to add an exposed filter to filter the orders by date range. I have added two exposed filters for Order: Placed. One filter is "greater than or equal to" for the start date, and the other filter is "less than or equal to" for the end date. I also have Date Popup module installed.

When I choose May 15, 2022 as my start date and May 16, 2022 as my end date, it only shows my orders on May 15. If I change the end date to May 17, 2022, it shows my orders from May 15 and May 16 (but not from May 17).

Why are the orders from the "End" date being excluded? Is this a function of time of day? For example, does the date filter assume the time to be "00:00:00" on each of those two dates I select? If so, that would likely be why the end date orders are excluded, because they are placed after 00:00:00 on that date. If this is indeed the case, how can I resolve this issue? I tried changing the exposed filter's "value type" to "an offset", but this caused the filter to not work at all.


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