Non-admins cannot see commerce entity bundle labels

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I've got a drupal commerce site with two types of user roles -- admins and merchants. Merchants the ability to administer products for their stores, and so they have the Access the products overview page permission. What's odd, though, is that they are unable to see the "type" column. Sames thing seems to be happening on the "orders" view.

From reading around, it seems like access to entity bundle labels should come from BundleEntityAccessControlHandler::checkAccess() via CommerceBundleAccessControlHandler::checkAccess(). What's odd is that those methods are hit as expected when logged in as an admin -- which is when the labels are visible -- but the breakpoints are not hit at all when logged in as a merchant. It seems like something else must be short-circuiting the accessCheck, but I don't understand what that might be. Any ideas? I even tried giving merchants all Commerce Product permissions and still nothing.

Admins: enter image description here

Merchants: enter image description here


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