How can we use \Drupal class inside Settings.php

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How can we use \Drupal class inside the Settings.php file so that we can load configurations etc? For example:

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What do you want to achieve exactly?
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The short answer is that you can't. Settings.php is one of the first files loaded, used to bootstrap the system. The settings are required for bootstrapping. Calling the `\Drupal` class is calling the bootstrapped system, which of course can't be done without loading the settings. So you're in a loop. As leymannx asked, what are you trying to do?
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Okay, thanks to both of you for clarifications.
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There is no config available when settings.php is executed. This is in very early stages of the Drupal bootstrap process and neither the database connection nor the service container is initialized.

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Okay thanks @4uk4

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