Migrate a two-textfield field

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I'm looking to migrate a text field from Drupal 6 to Drupal 9. The field has two text fields.

The table description returned by describe content_field_telfono ; is the following.

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
vid int(10) unsigned NO PRI 0
nid int(10) unsigned NO MUL 0
field_telfono_value varchar(10) YES NULL
delta int(10) unsigned NO PRI 0

The table content returned by select * from content_field_telfono limit 0,2; is the following.

vid nid field_telfono_value delta
48 48 xxxxxxxxx 0
48 48 xxxxxxxxx 1

I found examples to migrate a multi-value. I tried with the following migration.

    plugin: sub_process
    source: field_telfono
      value: field_telfono_value
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Did you just try a simple map first? source: destination
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How can I make it? The only examples I find in the core modules it's to map constants values. Thanks.
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Make what? Simply try doing field_school_phone: field_telfono and running it again. There are several several examples in core for migrations, as well as contributed modules like Migrate Plus.
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have you seen this? migration using csv and yml for multivalued image field

anyway i think if you have the multivalued field separated by commas, it should work directly

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Thanks for helping out. This appears to be a comment rather than an answer.
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