Custom taxes and fees

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My client is looking for custom fees/taxes plugins that do the following:

The fees/taxes are state dependent (US only) and have "complex" rules that differ from state to state:

  • are taxes on top of fees (differ by state)
  • fees have a min/max amount (differ by state)
  • multiple taxes (4), some are percentage, some are combination of percentage/flat amount (differ by state).

There is no documentation on Commerce site for taxes or fees so just wondering if I am right in assuming this could all be handled with custom fee and tax plugins? I suspect one of the trickier parts is the taxes do/don't include the fees. Would a custom tax plugin know fees that have been applied?

Are there examples out there for any of this?

Thanks for the pointers.

Update: I think I have most of this working now. :)

I sit in a Tesla and translated this thread with Ai:


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