How do I set the custom Gutenberg font size?

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Mythemename.gutenberg.yml allows setting custom font size, but it doesn't work on Drupal 9. (It works on my old Drupal 8 site.)

Basing on Creating custom font size presets in a Theme, custom font sizes could be added in the .gutenberg.yml file for the theme.

The colors appear on the Gutenberg with the following settings, but the "Mega" font size doesn't.


    - slug: "black"
      name: "Black"
      color: "#000000"
    - slug: "dark-grey"
      name: "Dark Grey"
      color: "#555555"
    - slug: "mega"
      name: "Mega"
      size: 72
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  1. Create a settings.js in your theme your JS file should look like this:

    (function (Drupal) {
      var settings = {};
      window.DrupalGutenberg = window.DrupalGutenberg || {};
      window.DrupalGutenberg.defaultSettings = settings;
  2. Add it your themename.libraries.yml

  3. In your themename.gutenberg.yml attach the library you created ex. libraries-edit: themename/gutenberg

After that clear cache and you'll able to see your custom fontsize preset.

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`gutenburg` instead of `gutenberg`, really? Or is this a typo?
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yes its a typo in library.. the important is the themename.gutenberg.yml
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@alvin For some reason, this only works if the Example Block enable.
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