I need to send a mail from my custom module if there is any update in webform

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I have to implement a custom module where I need to send a mail if there is any update in webform. I cannot use Rules Module.

For example, there is an option field(drop down) in webform, where value of option field is changed from name_1 to name_2. I need send mail to name_2.

So, what kind of Hook function i need to use? should I use Hook_webform_element_alter() or Hook_webform_option_alter() or not both? Please do help me. Thank you.

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Webforms do not necessarily have prior values. Do you mean if someone edits a submitted or draft form?
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if someone editted submitted form
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You should specify your drupal version and your webform version
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Drupal version 8 and webform version 6.1.3
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