Submit webform via custom button

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I want to update a webform submission via custom button.

On the same page as my webform I created a custom button in a block.

 <button id="myButton" onClick="submitWebform()" type="submit"> Click here!  </button>

with JS code

 function submitWebform() {

But when I click on the button the page reloads but my webform is not sent.

What to do ?

My goal is to update fields with query parameters by clicking the button.

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I think this function never gets triggered. Just the button behavior kicking in. Where exactly you placed the JS? Where exactly you placed the button?
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I placed the JS with the Asset Injector module. The button is in the left sidebar and my webform is in the main content. I think the function is called because when I do: function submitWebform() { document.getElementById("edit-actions-submit").click(); } The webform is submit.
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Try to change the button type to `type="button"` which would perhaps stop it acting as a submitter of its own form. Either that or receive `event` parameter in the js function like `submitWebform(event)` and call `event.preventDefault();`
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