One label, Multiple values, in a grouped filter item

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I have an exposed filter on a view, pulling a search API indexed taxonomy field. I'm using the 'grouped filter' to create a dropdown of text options that match taxonomy IDs, and I was hoping to have a label that contains multiple values in, essentially, an 'or' format.

Example: "Yellow" -- "is one of" -- "1234, 3210, 9953" or maybe "Yellow" -- "is one of" -- "1234 + 3210 + 9953"

But right now I don't have a filter operator that works. I only have 'equals', along with all the standards: Less than, greater than, null, not null, between, etc.

Is there a setting, plugin, or other solution for gaining this ability? Maybe a regex solution, or "in" an array? I thought for sure there was an "is one of" option, similar to the image in this question: Grouping Exposed Filters (using Better Exposed Filters). But, I'm not seeing that option.

I've also put this specific filter in it's own filter group, set to 'OR' , but I don't know if there's another step I need to take.

(I know I can check the 'allow multiple selections' box, but that's not what I'm looking for)

For reference, this is what I'm talking about: enter image description here

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