uninstall module that depends on relation module, which is disabled

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I am a maintainer of the crm_core module. The Drupal7 version depends on the relation module to provide relationships between contacts. The depend module can not be uninstalled while the relation module is disabled.

Is there a solution? Or, is this one of the limitations of disabling modules, which might be why disable was dropped in Drupal8.

2273255 - Can't uninstall crm_core_relationship when relation module has been disabled

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The issue described in Can't uninstall crm_core_relationship when relation module has been disabled is that crm_core_relationship_uninstall() is calling functions defined in a disabled module. When a module is disabled, Drupal won't load it, and all the module functions won't be available.

Either crm_core_relationship_uninstall() first loads that module file with drupal_load('module', 'relation'), before calling its functions, or the code in relation_delete() and relation_type_delete() is duplicated in functions accessible from crm_core_relationship_uninstall().

That issue isn't present in Drupal 8, as in Drupal 8 modules can only installed or not installed; they cannot be anymore disabled as in Drupal 7.

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I used the drupal_load function, and it works! [changes](
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