How should we configure Config link on custom module?

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I need to create Config link while enabling module. In routing file, I have mention the path name of config form, but its not directly show in the Configuration page. Below is my routing code.

path: '/admin/config/usertimezone/usertimezoneconfig'
 _form: '\Drupal\dm_user_timezone\Form\UserTimezoneSettingForm'
 _title: 'User timezone page configuration'
 _permission: 'access administration pages'
 _admin_route: TRUE 

My folder sructure looks like this. Need help what I missed here.

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Add configure: dm_user_timezone.user_timezone_settings to the file. The configure option is documented on

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Thank you for your help. It works. :) One more question here, How should I display my module link on Configuration (/admin/config) page like People->Account Settings?
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@latikas - Find a contrib module that does the same and then follow its sample.
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@latikas That is a different question that should be asked as new question. Comments should be used when there is anything not clear in the given answer, not to ask unrelated questions.
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