How can I modify/edit/change the media video controls?

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I was wondering how could I modify the controls from a media video. In my particular case, I want to remove the "Download" button from the controls, see: Screenshot of a video player with the control options opened

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The easiest workaround I could find was:

  • Create a template on your custom theme for the video field such as file-video.html.twig.
  • Inside the template, create a video tag and place videos inside a <source />, then set a new attribute for the video tag called ControlsList with a value of nodownload, like this:
<video {{ attributes.setAttribute('controlsList', 'nodownload') }}>
  {% for file in files %}
    <source {{ file.source_attributes }} />
  {% endfor %}

You could also set the attribute manually: <video ControlsList='nodownload'/>

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