Keep page published or unpublish?

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Such a simple question I'm sure, but I can't find anything anywhere on this. I ran lots of tests - if the page is deleted the redirect doesn't work, but whether I unnpublish or keep the page published the redirects work ok. (For the main URL, the node and any alias) Not sure whether this is expected behaviour, or maybe a cacheing issue....?

So I guess my question is - which is best practice/likely to cause less issues in the future?

Redirect module 7.x-1.0-rc1

Test steps taken

Create page and alias

  1. create page /test-page
  2. URL path settings > uncheck auto alias and add alias /test-redirect
  3. view page > URL shows /test-redirect
  4. /test-page > redirects to /test-redirect
  5. /admin/config/search/redirect > shows redirect from /test-page to node/56042
  6. /admin/config/search/path > shows alias: /test-redirect, system: node/56042

Create redirect

  1. create redirect from /test-redirect to /proper-page
  2. /test-redirect > redirects to /proper-page
  3. /test-page > redirects to /proper-page

Unpublish node

  1. /test-page > redirects to /proper-page
  2. /test-redirect > redirects to /proper-page
  3. /admin/config/search/redirect > shows redirect from /test-page to node/56042
  4. /admin/config/search/path > shows alias: /test-redirect, system: node/56042

Delete node

  1. /node/56042 > 'Page not found'
  2. /test-page > 'Page not found'
  3. /test-redirect > 'Page not found'
  4. /admin/config/search/redirect > no redirect exists from /test-page to node/56042
  5. /admin/config/search/path > no alias: /test-redirect, system: node/56042
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`page is deleted the redirect doesn't work` you sure about this?
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Hi @Kevin - I added the steps I took above. I've also repeated the test - same thing.
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