Why does libraries-extend not change part of the styles of the module DropzoneJS?

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I use the DropzoneJS module. To change to change part of the styles written here: /modules/contrib/dropzonejs/css/dropzone.widget.css I use libraries-extend.

In the files of my theme particle I wrote:

     - particle/dropzone-custom


   version: VERSION
       css/style.css: {}


.dropzone {
  background: #f1fbff;
  border: 2px dashed #2cb7f4;
  border-radius: 37px;

And then I cleaned the cache. But styles are not applied.

Where is the error? Is something missing?

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I believe modules can't use the library-extend and its only themes that can
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The OP is using it in a theme (since he says *my theme **particle***).
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Are you checking this on a page that uses the *particle* theme? Is the theme enabled? Does the theme have a *.info.yml* file? Is that file correctly named after the theme machine name?
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