Migrating content from production to development

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I have a multilingual site built on the Glazed Drupal CMS installation profile (Drupal 8).

It was upgraded to Drupal 9, but the upgrading process lasted around 3 months, and now new content from the production site (Drupal 8.9) needs to me be migrated to the new Drupal 9 site.

I can't just use the production site database - it was a lot of changes when switching from Glazed CMS to DXPR and these changes are in the database also. (Glazed builder was updated to DXPR Builder and Glazed theme to DXPR theme (v1)).

How do I migrate the latest updates on production (where Drupal 8 is used) to a development server (where Drupal 9 is used)? Content types include the Drag-n-Drop content type (Glazed Builder content).

I know this question could be a little specific, but maybe there is a solution that could be universal. There are a few modules I considered.

  1. Default content
  2. Entity share
  3. Content export CSV
  4. Views data export

I don't have experience with all these modules, so I'm looking for someone who used to migrate content from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9.

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Is a custom service / class based importer feasible? That's what I normally do. We don't use page builders though.
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could you please share some examples if this is possible?
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