nginx exclude image.php from rate limits

pk flag


limit_conn_zone $binary_remote_addr zone=addr:10m;
limit_req_zone $binary_remote_addr zone=foo:10m rate=3r/s;
limit_conn addr 3;

In my sites block I have

    location / {        include conf.d/includes-optional/cpanel-proxy.conf;
limit_req zone=foo burst=300 nodelay;
limit_conn addr 1;
limit_rate 200k;
limit_rate_after 1m;

The problem I have is when a visitor loads certain pages there could be dozens/hundreds of images to load. The nginx log gets spammed with the following and the user only loads some of the images.

How can I exclude image.php or perhaps there is another way to slow the load.

GET /image.php?image=%2Fwebroot%2F%2Ffiles%2Fuploads%2F5b27ea535443.jpg&width=255&cropratio=4%3A6&quality=60

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