Apache rewrite condition not matching, possibly bad syntax?

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Hi so I have a rewrite rule in order to control access to the admin page of a service behind a reverse proxy. I only want local ip's to be able to access it. So essentially if the condition does NOT match then we follow the rule and restrict access. However it seems the rewrite condition either never gets evaluated or doesn't match and I'm not sure which it is or how to check.

At the moment I have

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADD} !^192\.168\.1
RewriteRule /admin(.*) - [F,L]

but I have also tried

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADD} !"^192\.168\.1"
RewriteCond "%{REMOTE_ADD}" !"^192\.168\.1"
RewriteCond "%{REMOTE_ADD}" !"192\.168\.1"

amongst others that I have forgotten about. Any help in getting this to work correctly would be greatly appreciated.

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Try it with `%{REMOTE_ADDR}`

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