Adaptec 8405E RAID 1 extremely slow expansion (1% per day)

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Our RAID 1 is being expanded from 4 TB to 8 TB. The GUI status looks like this:

enter image description here

enter image description here

The progress happens by about 1% per day. At the same time, the server is quite slow. This seems like an extremely slow rate of progress. This amounts to 4TB/100/86400 = 460KB/s. I'd expect the RAID controller to merely write zeroes sequentially to the new segments which should happen much faster.

I do not believe that the server is otherwise so loaded as to cause such a massive slowdown.

According to SMART data, the disks are new and healthy.

What could be a reason for this and is it possible to speed this up? Limping along like this for about 100 days does not seem very desirable to me...

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Are you expanding from 2x 4 TB disks to 4x 4 TB disks?
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We first successfully went from 2x4 TB to 2x8 TB by replacing and rebuilding. This is done. Now, we are adding the additional 4 TB by expanding. @shodanshok

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