Openshift Container Storage will not upgrade

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I've got an Openshift cluster which runs Openshift Container Storage 4.4.1. I'd like to update OCP to a higher version, but as far as I understand, I need to upgrade operators first. OCS shows in console that upgrade is available, but it won't upgrade although approval is set to "Automatic". My suspicions are related to lib-bucket-provisioner operator. As I can see, there is one operator running, but two CSV are present: lib-bucket-provisioner.v1.0.0 and lib-bucket-provisioner.v2.0.0. First one is in "Pending" state, second one is "Succeeded".

I have checked the logs of catalog-operator pod (runing in openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager namespace). Some stuff, which seems to be related to the present issue, is such messages:

E1115 16:25:16.270062       1 queueinformer_operator.go:290] sync "openshift-storage" failed: error calculating generation changes due to new bundle: (objectbucketclaims) already provided by lib-bucket-provisioner.v1.0.0

I wonder how to solve this situation, so that OCS operator could be upgraded. Would removal of lib-bucket-provisioner.v1.0.0 CSV help, since that one is in "Pending" state? As far as I can see, this one is included in OCS install plan, so that should be the way how it was installed. On the other hand, lib-bucket-provisioner.v2.0.0 seems to be installed manually. This one is also available in Operator Hub. So perhaps that is the one which in fact causes the problems, although it's status is OK. Since I wasn't the one who originally deployed this storage, I'm not sure what were the reasons behind installing v2 operator.

I was also wondering if removal of these CSVs may have any unwanted effects on existing data (removal of PVs or PVCs, etc.). Please advise.

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