PostgresSQL upgrade from 9.6 to 10 on Windows fails when using pg_upgrade (fe_sendauth: no password supplied)

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Part of the work moving from Windows 2012 to 2019 involves upgrading the current install of Postgres from 9.6 to 10. I'm trying to use pg_upgrade and after some struggle with file permissions I have managed to start the process with the command

pg_upgrade.exe -b "c:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/9.6/bin" -B "d:/PostgreSQL/10/bin" -d "D:/PostgreSQL/9.6/data" -D "D:/PostgreSQL/10/data" --old-port=5432 --new-port=5433 -U postgres -v --check

It starts fine, but after a while it fails like this

"d:/PostgreSQL/10/bin/pg_ctl" -w -l "pg_upgrade_server.log" -D "D:/PostgreSQL/10/data" -o "-p 5433 -b -c synchronous_commit=off -c fsync=off -c full_page_writes=off -c vacuum_defer_cleanup_age=0 " start >> "pg_upgrade_server_start.log" 2>&1

connection to database failed: fe_sendauth: no password supplied
could not connect to target postmaster started with the command:
"d:/PostgreSQL/10/bin/pg_ctl" -w -l "pg_upgrade_server.log" -D "D:/PostgreSQL/10/data" -o "-p 5433 -b -c synchronous_commit=off -c fsync=off -c full_page_writes=off -c vacuum_defer_cleanup_age=0 " start

But if I try to run the command by itself, it starts without any issues. I have updated the pg_hba.conf-file so I can issue psql -U postgres -host 5433 without being prompted for password. Other than that I cannot find anything of value in the pg_upgrade*.log files.

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